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Picking the Best Refrigerator for your Kitchen

Planning a Colorado Springs kitchen remodel? this guide will help you pick the best refrigerator for your kitchen.


The most obvious thing to keep in mind while shopping for a new fridge is size. Before heading to the hardware store, measure the width, height, and total cubic feet of your old refrigerator. Use these dimensions to search for replacements that will fit easily in your kitchen.


Quality refrigerators last anywhere from 10 to 15 years (when cared for properly). Because the quality of your refrigerator will determine its longevity, budgeting for a higher quality product is worthwhile. Below are the four most common refrigerator designs, listed from cheapest to most expensive: 

1. Standard Top Freezer – Fridge Combos 

Families with a very limited budget often choose a standard 18” fridge/freezer combo. As the most affordable design available, most models (like the Frigidaire 18” Freezer Refrigerator) start at about $500. 

2. Side by Side Fridge / Freezer Combos

Side by side refrigerators take up more room than the standard 18” alternative and cost anywhere from $800 to $1,000. Often, side-by-side refrigerators offer more drawer and shelf storage than standard models.

Note: If you choose to upgrade to a side-by-side fridge, make sure your kitchen’s refrigerator cavity can accommodate 20 – 25 cubic feet. 

3. French Door Refrigerators 

If style and storage space are equal priorities for your family, a French door refrigerator like the Samsung French Door Fridge in Black may be a good option. Like many French door models, this Samsung appliance includes a double fridge, a slide out freezer, and an ice maker. Depending on the design you choose, French Door refrigerators cost anywhere from $1,000 - $2,000.

4. High-Tech Fridges

If pricing isn’t an issue, investing in a high-tech fridge is a great way to upgrade your kitchen

 “Smart fridges” like the Samsung Family Hub 24.9 Cu. Ft. 4- Door Fridge / Freezer Combo come equipped with everything you’d expect from a high-tech appliance. Refrigerators like the Samsung Family Hub allow families to order groceries, find recipes, or play music using the 21.5” touch screen located on the door - all for a modest $3,499. 

Picking the best refrigerator for your home will depend heavily on your budget and the number of people in your home. 

Start your search for a new fridge by measuring the amount of space available in your kitchen, then determine what refrigerator model offers the best features and the most room for your budget. If you’re planning a Colorado Springs kitchen remodel, or simply need help selecting the perfect fridge for your home, call a reliable Colorado Springs kitchen designer.

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