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Certified Kitchen Designer Consultant

Designer Kitchens team are all Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs). This means you receive a design from an expert in Colorado Springs styles and building codes.

Why work with a Certified Kitchen Designer?

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Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) are kitchen & bathroom design specialists. This entails not only having advanced knowlege of the design, planning and execution of the remodel, but also exceptional communication communication skills.

All CKDs are required to have a minimum of 7 years of design experience as well as at least 60 hours of NKBA education. CKDs also are required and expected to have special knowledge of building codes for their area, the best appliances, optimal mechanical systems, and the properties of popular flooring styles and materials.

The CKD stamp means that your kitchen designer is a certified and recognized expert in their field.

Experience you can trust

At Designer Kitchens, we not only strive to offer the best design and the finest cabinetry, but we can also meet all your wood flooring and appliance needs. You can complete your entire kitchen in one stop. 

Unlike other kitchen designers, Designer Kitchens offers you two qualified designers on your project. You get double the expertise and some contrasting design ideas to guarantee that you will fall in love with the end product.

Knowledge to guide you

We have extensive knowledge in local Colorado Springs building codes. This means no hassle for you. Designer Kitchens has also worked with a variety of excellent flooring materials and can recommend the best product to match your needs and cabinets.

To finish off the look and experience of the kitchen, Designer Kitchens also can help guide you to pick the perfect appliances for your needs. 

Speak the language of specs

CKD's write specifications that plumbers, electricians, and installers can easily understand, saving you the time.

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