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How to Make Your Kitchen More Welcoming

Many Colorado Springs homeowners want to make their kitchen more welcoming, especially in the limited options for dining out. Here are 7 ideas to help...


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Monday, 24 August 2020
Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Welcoming Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Welcoming

Since many Colorado Springs homeowners spend a good deal of their time in the room where cooking and eating takes place, it makes sense to make your kitchen more welcoming. If your kitchen is an uninviting or gloomy space, you’ve probably given some thought to remodeling the kitchen for some time. 

Colorado Springs residents are friendly and they often want their family and visitors to feel at ease in their home, and a comfortable space is sure to lead to more fun and intimate interactions. The good news is that there is a wide range of options you can choose for your kitchen to make it a more inviting place to visit. 

Ideas for Making Your Kitchen More Welcoming

No matter what your budget or timeline, there are sure to be several ideas on this list that will help you make your Colorado Springs kitchen more comfortable and inviting. 

Install an Island for More Space to Congregate

Kitchen islands are fantastic features for making your space more welcoming. They provide additional storage, so you can get rid of clutter. You’ll also get more counter space to use for meal preparation and can use the island as a gathering spot for buffet, casual meals, or sharing an adult beverage with friends. 

Update Your Paint to Brighten the Mood

Maybe the colors in your kitchen are outdated or simply dull. The numerous Colorado Springs paint stores offer are countless attractive colors you can choose from but think carefully about what sort of feeling you wish to portray. Do you want a vintage, airy, sophisticated, or boho kitchen? For example, neutral colors will be more subtle, but red or green will make a bigger statement. 

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Add Seating to Make Your Kitchen More Welcoming

If you want more family members and guests to hang out in and around your kitchen, add some seating. If you have space, you can add a high-boy table and chairs. Alternatively, you can put some bar stools along a counter or island. 

If you really want to open up your kitchen for more seating, consider removing a non-load-bearing wall in your kitchen.

Rethink the Lighting

As with any room in your home, lighting can make a huge difference in function and feel. Some popular options include: 

  • Installing under-cabinet lighting

  • Adding recessed can lighting throughout the kitchen

  • The new LED lighting options offer numerous ways to add light to dark areas of the kitchen

  • Using pendant lights or track lighting to add light and style

Choose Glass Cabinetry

You can add more depth to a kitchen by using clear glass panels in your cabinetry. If you don’t have organized cabinets, this may not be an ideal choice. Otherwise, having just a few glass cabinets allows you to display your favorite dinnerware and pottery. Adding low voltage lighting inside the cabinet will further enlarge the space.

Visit our kitchen design showroom on the corner of Cimmeron and 8th St for more great kitchen cabinet ideas.

Upgrade Fixtures and Appliances

You’ll be surprised how much more appealing your kitchen will be after you upgrade to the latest appliances and fixtures. Introducing an invisible refrigerator, Bluetooth coffee maker, steam oven, or stylish apron kitchen sink will make your kitchen more welcoming for you and everyone else. 

Buy Some Plants

It might seem like a small thing, but adding plants to any room, including your kitchen, can make it feel more inviting. Placing some greenery above the kitchen sink gives the area an almost greenhouse feel. You can also add a plant stand or place a plant on a shelf to add a touch of nature to your space. 

Want to Make Your Kitchen More Welcoming? Our Designers Can Help!

Whether you already have some ideas for updating your kitchen or need some inspiration, our Colorado Springs kitchen design experts are standing by to help. Designer Kitchens has been the top kitchen design and remodeling company in Colorado Springs since 1990, and we’d love to help you make your kitchen more welcoming. 

Call us at 719-228-9400 or reach out to us online to schedule an appointment.

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