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Kitchen Design Ideas That You Can Learn from Restaurants

Can you get kitchen design ideas from restaurants? Restaurants kitchens are designed for efficiency, and what foodie doesn't want more of that.


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Monday, 03 February 2020
Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

Yes, you can and should steal kitchen design ideas from restaurants. This is especially true if you are a foodie that loves to create complex multi-course meals in an efficient workspace.

Restaurant kitchen designs are practical and functional. They have a place for everything, and everything is in its place. If their designs didn’t aid in the smooth running of the restaurant, the operation would swiftly fail. 

The kitchen design ideas that are so ideal in a restaurant work well in a home, too. You can take some of the features of a restaurant kitchen and transplant them into your Colorado home cooking space. 

The Best Restaurant Kitchen Design Idea You Should Definitely Steal

The old saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” applies to kitchen design.  In this case, the saying should be “Keep everything in your kitchen close but keep your essentials closer."  An efficient layout in a restaurant kitchen station allows a chef to reach all the necessary equipment with minimal movement. 

Meal preparation workflow isn’t just about the way you set up your kitchen design. Effective food preparation is also about your physical presence. This is where we often fail in our kitchens. We set the kitchen up, then, work out how the workflows around the kitchen. Instead, as the best kitchen designers in Colorado Springs knows, you should put the chef in place first and set the cooking essentials around the chef within easy reach.

How does this work in practice? One strategy from the restaurant kitchen design idea playbook is to consider using vertical shelving so you can maximize space. Vertical shelving allows you to keep pans, plates, spices, and tools neatly arranged, so they won’t get in the way of your prep area. 

Setting your prep area close to your stove will make it even easier to prepare meals. You may also want to consider installing a utensil rack. When placed close to the stove, you can reach spatulas and ladles quickly and easily. Not only that, but it is also an attractive kitchen design feature for your space.

Make Use of Easy to Clean Tiles 

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy to keep hygienically clean. This is why many restaurant kitchens have them. We discuss the many styles of tile used in kitchen backsplash design previously.  Not only do today's kitchen tile materials and designs look stylish, but you can wipe them easily after cooking. You can clean up any spills or splashes quickly. 

White subway tiles are a common choice in restaurant kitchens, and they work equally well in the home, too.

Prioritize Your Open Workspaces

Very often, our home kitchens become very cluttered and crowded. Prep spaces and countertops often end up covered in the latest kitchen gizmos and must-have countertop appliances. There are toasters, coffee pots, microwaves, air cookers, magic pots, rice cookers, and utensils covering your counters. How can you prepare food properly in a cluttered space like that?

Try to keep your main preparation area as clear as possible. If you can, add a freestanding chopping block or island. This will give you extra space without needing to move any items. You may also want to add open commercial-style shelving to your space. This type of shelving is sturdy and robust, and that makes it ideal for your pots, pans, and heavier cooking items. Sturdy commercial-style shelving can look great in many modern Colorado Springs kitchen designs.

Speak with a Local Designer for More Kitchen Design Ideas

Creating the perfect home kitchen can be a challenge. There are lots of things to bear in mind when considering how to use your space to its best effect. However, by adopting restaurant kitchen design ideas at home, you could create an idyllic and functional space.

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