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Why People Are Choosing Women-Centric Kitchen Designs

Whether you are female or not, you cannot deny the benefits of women-centric kitchen designs. Should you explore this trend for your remodel?


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Monday, 17 April 2023

The term “women-centric design” has become popular in recent years, and nowhere in the home is this trend more appropriate than when designing women-centric kitchens. What does this term mean, and why should everyone, regardless of gender, explore the options therein? 

This month we dive into the world of the feminine mind and how you can incorporate these trends into your kitchen remodel. 

Defining Women-Centric Kitchens

Simply put, women-centric design is based on how women think, feel, and move in their living spaces. In the case of a kitchen design, this means considering the feng shui of food preparation, cooking and baking, and presentation (serving the food), along with the other many purposes of a modern kitchen. 

While you may think this directly applies to the golden triangle design theory (it does in part!), the small subtleties set extraordinary women-centric kitchen designs apart from the ordinary.

Here are some of the small details that we love about women-centric kitchen designs:

Small Appliance Storage

One of our favorite features to become popular lately is small appliance storage. We all love our Kitchen-Aid mixer, espresso machine and toaster. Still, many find that having these necessities on display at all times makes the kitchen feel cluttered, not to mention that the awkward shapes take up valuable counter space. 

The best solution is to include a butler’s pantry in your kitchen remodel, but unfortunately, not all Colorado Springs homes have room for this amenity. Many design-savvy homeowners instead install a hidden cabinet behind the counter, complete with power outlets, to hide the small appliances they use regularly.

Alternatively, an idea that many women-centric kitchen owners love is to include a custom cabinet with power outlets and a shelf that pulls out and up, locking in place. The picture below from one of our most recent kitchen remodeling projects shows how simple yet innovative this design can be.

YKD women centric kitchen 2 1

Replace Lower Cabinets with Drawers

Yes, this idea has been around for decades for use as junk drawers, places to hold your cling wrap and aluminum foil, and pot holders. But the modern twist making this an authentic women-centric kitchen design is installing deep drawers that enable you to use your vertical space best.


Like any other room in your home, lighting can make a huge difference in function and feel in your kitchen. Women-centric kitchen design maximizes natural light while leveraging under-cabinet, recessed and pendant lighting to add light and style to your space. 

If you believe that the devil is in the details, you will love these additional design ideas for a more women-centric kitchen:

Island Living

Kitchen islands are fantastic features in any kitchen. They provide additional storage, provide more counter space for meal preparation, and are a great place to gather while cooking.

Whether you want a place to keep you involved while your children do homework or you love to entertain the masses while cooking, kitchen islands (especially those with seating) are an excellent way to bring everyone together in one room.

The modern woman’s place is not just in the kitchen; it’s also front and center in the lives of their family and friends. And when you combine a kitchen island with our next suggestion, you have the makings of the perfect women-centric kitchen.

Open Kitchen Design

Many Colorado Springs homeowners are on the fence about this design trend. On the one hand, an open kitchen design makes entertaining much more effortless. On the other hand, some feel the sight of the dishes piling up to be distracting when they would rather be enjoying their family or guests. 

Which is right for you? The best way to decide is to have a Certified Kitchen Designer visit your home for a consultation. These experts can point out the pros and cons of open kitchen design and whether or not removing a wall in the kitchen is even plausible. 

Luxury Appliances

Upgrading to high-end fixtures and appliances is at the heart of women-centric kitchen design. Once thought to be reserved for the ultra-wealthy, induction cooktops, double ovens, wine refrigerators, warming drawers, and Bluetooth coffee makers, among others, are now standard upgrades in kitchen remodels. 

At Designer Kitchens, we know that seeing is believing, so we have fully-functional display kitchens in our showroom so you can see what you are getting before making the upgrade. This includes a wide selection of appliances from trusted brands such as Thermador and Bosch.

You Don’t Have To Be a Woman to Love Women-Centric Kitchen Designs

The above design ideas may fall into the category of women-centric, but that does not mean they are not appealing to everyone. Adding the convenience and luxury of these features to your kitchen may induce you to spend even more time in the heart of your home. 

Are you ready to explore these options for yourself? Contact us today or stop by our showroom to get started

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