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Eye-Opening Design Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Wondering how to make your small kitchen look bigger? In this guide, discover useful tricks to customize a Colorado Springs kitchen to be more spaciou...

 Have you ever wondered how small kitchens in huge cities such as Paris, New York, and London look bigger? Better else, would you like to make your small kitchen seem bigger? Don’t tear your kitchen down yet. 

There are accessible techniques that you can use to remodel your kitchen to make it look bigger, without requiring the need to add inches to your current kitchen.

Here are some tips on how to make a small kitchen look bigger while utilizing the already existing space.

Kitchen Design Color Psychology

Understanding the psychology of color is vital when redesigning your kitchen. For example, white color paint has the impact of making a room feel airy and open, with a light touch of sophistication when used in small or medium doses.

However, don’t just paint your kitchen walls with flat white paint. By incorporating the color white with what already exists in your kitchen, like cabinet hardware, you can create a personalized look for your kitchen design. You can use white color to your advantage to enlarge your kitchen, but keep in mind that using too much white can make your kitchen look sterile, cold, and uninviting.

On the other hand, you can go for uniformity through panel-ready appliances, which will create a sense of a bigger kitchen. Panel-ready appliances have customized handles and colors so that they match your walls and cabinets. The uniformity in color is essential to make small kitchens look more substantial and full of life.

Kitchen Lighting and Reflection

Dark rooms tend to feel small, and if your kitchen isn't getting enough light, this could be the reason. An easy solution to making your kitchen look larger is by focusing on lighting.

If you're a fan of curtains on windows, opt for sheer curtains instead of heavy fabrics to allow more sunlight to pass through. Alternatively, you can do away with your kitchen curtains completely if you receive enough of Colorado Springs' year-round sunlight through your kitchen window.

If your kitchen lacks natural light, you can incorporate more lighting through the use of wireless light fixtures. Installing extra light fixtures in and outside of your cupboards can brighten the room and help you find hidden items in the back of your cabinets. 

With enhanced kitchen lighting, you can make your kitchen shine. Don't forget to consider customizing your kitchen lighting to bounce the light instead of swallowing it; this can be done by adding radiating surfaces.

You can use mirrors and other radiating surfaces to make your kitchen feel light and breezy. Consider glossy cabinets, shiny appliances, and glass tiles to create or add more reflective brightness and depth to your kitchen.

Trick the Eye with Directional Design

While small kitchens often have limited space on the floors and kitchen cabinets, there is often unutilized space up above. By taking advantage of vertical space in your kitchen, it can trick the eye into seeing the kitchen much larger than it is.  Use hanging shelves and open cabinets to take advantage of the space on the vertical walls.

Looking upward can reveal potential kitchen space, but looking down to your kitchen floor can reveal another space-enhancing secret: floor patterns.

Integrating tiles or wood parquets with horizontal stripes or panels in your kitchen remodel can make your small kitchen seem bigger. You only need to install the floor tiles or wood parquets from the entrance so that you can feel the illusion of broader space as you enter the kitchen. Talking to a Certified Kitchen Designer in Colorado Springs can help you get a better idea of what tile to select to fit your custom kitchen. 

Consider a Kitchen Storage Overhaul

If you use your kitchen a lot, you know how much stuff you collect in your cabinets over time. From InstaPots to food processors and cutting boards, the endless array of kitchen gadgets you use can become a cluttered mess, and that clutter can make your kitchen feel smaller than it really is.

De-cluttering can make small kitchens look bigger. Stick to simple groupings of kitchen equipment to create more space for your kitchen, and consider buying organizational tools you'd see used in an industrial kitchen, like a magnetic knife strip or a stainless-steel utensil bar. Moving commonly used utensils in the kitchen to a better eye-level location can free up more useful space in your cabinets. 

Additionally, if your kitchen cabinets aren't cutting it, you can order custom-sized cabinets fitted perfectly to your kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets can enhance storage space according to your household's needs and allow cluttered objects on countertops to be put away easily.


This guide explains how to make a small kitchen look bigger. Nevertheless, you can always go the extra mile to create more space for your kitchen. However, you need k to keep in mind is that brightness and uniformity can largely assist in giving an illusion of a bigger place.

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