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Small Kitchen Design Tips We Love

Longing for a kitchen refresh but afraid you don't have enough space? Our small kitchen design tips will inspire you to pull the trigger on your r...


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Monday, 15 August 2022

Do you long for a new kitchen but are convinced there are no small kitchen design tips that can make your dreams come true? There are accessible techniques that you can use to remodel your kitchen to make it look and feel bigger, while utilizing the already existing space. 

Keep reading to learn our favorite small kitchen design tips that will inspire you to pull the trigger on your remodel. 

Understand the Power of Color

To maximize the space you do have, you must understand the power of color in your small kitchen design. Lighter colors tend to open up small rooms and your mood, while darker colors can compact the same space, causing feelings of claustrophobia. 

Lighter colors are best for small spaces, but that does not mean that your kitchen color palette is limited to flat white paint. By incorporating white with other mood and creativity boosting colors in your small kitchen design, you use color to your advantage, enlarging the feel of your kitchen.

One popular way to add a splash of color and light to your small kitchen design is to look at the smaller details. Putting thought into cabinet hardware as well as choosing a kitchen backsplash with color will keep your kitchen from looking sterile, cold, and uninviting.

Kitchen Lighting and Reflection

Many homes built during the 1970s and 1980s in Colorado Springs have amazing architectural details. But maximizing light is not usually one of them. During this era especially, many kitchen designs leaned toward the dark side, with little natural light. 

With enhanced kitchen lighting, you can make your kitchen shine. Customize your kitchen lighting to bounce the light instead of swallowing it.

You can use mirrors and other reflective surfaces to make your kitchen feel light and breezy. Consider glossy cabinets, shiny appliances, and glass tiles to create or add more reflective brightness and depth to your kitchen.

For additional information on how to use light to your advantage in a small kitchen, read our article 5 Ways to Maximize Natural Light in the Kitchen.

Directional Design Tips

By taking advantage of vertical space in your kitchen, you  can trick your eye into seeing the kitchen much larger than it is. Hanging shelves and  open cabinets that draw your attention upwards will make low-ceilings feel higher. And as an added benefit, when you make use of currently under-utilized vertical space, you increase storage, which is often limited in small kitchens

Looking upward can reveal potential kitchen space, but looking down to your kitchen floor can reveal another space-enhancing secret: floor patterns.Integrate tiles or wood parquets with horizontal stripes or panels in your small kitchen design. Choosing the right flooring for a small kitchen is vital to the illusion of broader space as you enter the kitchen. Talking to a Certified Kitchen Designer in Colorado Springs can help you get a better idea of what tile to select to fit your custom kitchen. 

Declutter and Maximize Storage in Your Small Kitchen Design

From InstaPots to food processors and cutting boards, the endless array of kitchen gadgets you use can become a cluttered mess, and that clutter can make your kitchen feel smaller than it really is.

Decluttering may not seem like a small kitchen design tip, but learning what you do and do not use can free literal space as much as mental space. Stick to simple groupings of kitchen equipment to create more space for your kitchen, and consider buying organizational tools you'd see used in an industrial kitchen, like a magnetic knife strip or a stainless-steel utensil bar. Moving commonly used utensils in the kitchen to a better eye-level location can free up more useful space in your cabinets. 

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The best small kitchen designs factor in all available space, right down to the inch. Often the best solution for making a small kitchen feel bigger is ordering custom-sized cabinets fitted perfectly to your kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets can enhance storage space according to your household's needs and allow cluttered objects on countertops to be put away easily.

While you are considering custom kitchen cabinets, also take the time to explore panel-ready appliances. With customized handles and colors that match your custom cabinets, panel-ready appliances provide a uniformity that make small kitchens look larger.

Designer Kitchens: Making Small Kitchen Design a Big Priority

At Designer Kitchens, we know that small kitchens have big potential, and love helping Colorado Springs homeowners design a space they will love to live in. If you are ready to make your small kitchen design a big priority, give us a call to schedule your in-home consultation. Or better yet, stop by our showroom at 8th Street and Cimarron

We look forward to designing your dream kitchen!

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