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Preparing for Your Colorado Springs Kitchen Remodel

Designer Kitchens makes recommendations to help you prepare for your kitchen remodel in Colorado Springs.

Living without a kitchen

It's easy to forget that you will be living without a kitchen for a little while during the construction phase. This is really important to take into consideration because it is not uncommon for kitchen remodels to take longer than expected. There are so many factors and different people involved in a kitchen remodel that you cannot predict what hang-ups might occur. While your Colorado Springs kitchen remodeling team will do their best to stay on their time target, you should be prepared to live without a kitchen for as long as necessary.

Here's some things to ask:

  1. Will you set up a make-shift kitchen in the garage? Including a refrigerator, burner and toaster oven. If it is the summer, then you could do a lot of grilling as well.
  2. Do you have a second kitchen in the house? This makes this whole process much easier. Make sure this area is off limits to "staging" from the contractors so you can still use the area.
  3. Have you factored eating out into the cost? A great quality meal cannot be taken for granted. Factor in going out to eat into your overall cost for the remodel to make sure you are expecting the full cost.
  4. Where will you wash your dishes?

Construction Phase

  1. Do you have a staging area for materials?
  2. Where are the tile, cabinet and flooring guys going to stage their mess?
  3. Is the garage used for eating & storage?
  4. How long will the construction take?

These are just a few of the things to consider when preparing for the construction phase of your kitchen remodel. Imagine the whole process from start to finish and consider where trash, materials, and cooking will occur. Factor in dust and the mess that comes along with construction and how you will mediate that.

A Colorado Springs kitchen remodeler will help you take all of these things into consideration so that you don't find yourself unprepared when the time comes. Working with a kitchen remodel company will help make the process easier and everything will go smoother.


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