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Prep Guide for Your Kitchen Remodel

When you begin to prepare yourself for your kitchen remodel, the first thing you should do is talk to your kitchen design contractor.

Preparing for the Kitchen Remodel

When you begin to prepare yourself for your kitchen remodel, the first thing you should do is talk to your contractor to determine a few things. You’ll need to know how long the project is going to take and if you’ll have any access to the kitchen at all during this time. It’s a safe bet that if the kitchen renovation is a major remodel, you and your family won’t be able to use it in any way while the work is being done. An exact timeline for your project will help you to be able to plan ahead and be aware of how long you’ll have to live without kitchen use. Once you have an idea of the length of time the remodel will take, you can begin to prepare for the remodel.

The Kitchen Space

The actual kitchen space will need its own preparation before the kitchen design contractor comes in and begins to work. Kitchens tend to be filled with dishes and supplies, extra food, and even decorations like pictures. It’s important to have the kitchen as cleared out as possible to help the process of the remodel go quickly.

Go through your kitchen gadgets, appliances and dishes and figure out what you will and won’t need during the renovation. It’s unlikely you’ll need a big mixer during the renovation, but you will probably get great use out of your microwave. Packing up the items that are less likely to be used will save you space and keep your home a bit less chaotic. You might consider storing these items in the garage or shed.

Aside from clearing out the gadgets in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to take a look at what might be hanging on the walls, what furniture might be in the kitchen or dining area, and clear that out as well. Even if the wall won’t be worked on, moving these things prevents them from getting damaged by workers. Consider covering any floors or furniture with protective plastic sheets as well. Workers will be coming in and out of the kitchen quite often and that can mean lots of dirt, construction materials, and opportunities for things to get ruined. Even if your workers are careful about wiping their feet or closing the door behind them, accidents happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Plan for Meals

Even though your kitchen will be out of commission, your family is still going to have to eat. Although going to the drive-thru or grabbing dinner at your favorite restaurants will be fun a few times, it’s unrealistic to think you’ll eat out for every meal during the kitchen renovation - especially if the renovation is going to last more than a week! Be sure to move your refrigerator or freezer to a different area in the house or garage so that you don’t have to throw away all of your perishable foods. The fridge will also be good for meal-prepping.

Before the remodel begins and you clear out your kitchen, cook meals in advance. Create freezer casseroles or foods that can easily be defrosted and heated in a microwave so that you can have homemade meals without a stove or oven.

Create a Makeshift Kitchen

Despite getting meals ready to heat, you’ll still need some type of designated kitchen or food area to keep the house organized. When you pack up items from the kitchen, be sure to keep out the items you’ll use every day, like a coffee pot or microwave. A smart thing to do to keep areas clean and cleanup simple is to purchase disposable dishes and utensils to use. Washing dishes or keeping out plates or cups that are breakable can be a hassle without a real kitchen. The disposables will keep you from washing dishes in the bathtub will minimize the potential messes in other areas of the house.

A microwave and refrigerator will be extremely helpful wherever you set up your “kitchen,” but if you have a grill, take advantage of using it during the kitchen remodel! Grills have minimum clean up and can mean a fresh, healthy meal as opposed to another microwaved meal or take out.

Worker Areas and Needs

One final thing to consider is what the workers will need during the remodel and how you can minimize the access to other areas of your home, as well as minimize any inconveniences or eyesores for neighbors. Find out if you’ll need to have a portable bathroom for workers, or designate a specific bathroom for the contractors to use during the renovation.

As much as you may trust the company working for you, it’s always a smart idea to remove any valuable items from the common areas the contractors will be in. Doing what you can to avoid any potential issues in the future is always helpful. It’s likely people will be going in and out of the house often as well, so keep in mind that your house will be easily accessible for strangers to come inside too. Removing valuables will minimize the chances of any items missing or becoming damaged.

Finally, figure out where the kitchen design contractor will stage everything. What is the best spot for the materials to be stored? Will storing them out front bother the neighbors or be a risk for them being stolen or damaged? If your garage is empty, this could be a good spot to put the materials. Talk to your contractor about your options and work together to find a spot that is convenient to the contractor and your family.

Going through a kitchen remodel in your Colorado Springs home doesn’t have to be stressful and unorganized. By speaking with your kitchen design contractor and working up a prep plan, life for your family will be less disturbed, the remodel will go quicker, and you’ll have a beautiful new kitchen to enjoy in what feels like no time.

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