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Overcoming Design Perfection – How to Remodel Your Kitchen Without Stressing Over Details

Are you determined to design the perfect kitchen? Obsessing over details during your renovation could cost you. Find out how here.

Is Trying to Design the “Perfect” Kitchen Damaging your Sanity?

In an honest attempt to design the “perfect” kitchen without overspending, many homeowners obsess over different materials, brands, and design ideas.  When this happens, even the best kitchen design company in Colorado Springs can’t expedite the project.

But because house remodels are linked to elevated stress levels, getting your kitchen upgrade completed as fast as possible should be a serious priority. 

Common signs that you’re obsessing over a kitchen remodel include:

  • Long Project Duration.  Kitchen remodels should never last more than 3 months. If your project is taking longer than this, it’s time to add the final touches and finish the project.  
  • Constant Change Orders. It’s ok to change one or two parts of the original design plan, but submitting multiple change orders throughout your project is a definite sign of remodeling anxiety. Remember: change orders increase project time frame and cost – it’s in your best interest to limit them.
  • Increased Stress Levels. Even the smoothest remodel projects can be stress inducing. When you add the extra pressure of trying to create the “perfect” design, it’s easy to become unusually tired, irritable, or discouraged.

If any of the symptoms above sound like something you’ve been struggling with during your remodel, it’s likely that you’re overthinking the project. Don’t let yourself get carried away during your remodel project. 

Instead, follow the tips below to help you design the perfect kitchen quickly, without skimping on quality. 

The Three Keys to Overcoming Design Perfectionism

1. Only Source Ideas Before the Plans are Drawn

Browsing through websites like Pinterest, Houzz, and StumbleUpon is a great way to learn about interior design ideas, cutting-edge products, and beautiful color schemes. 

But the abundance of information on the internet can be just as much a curse as it is a blessing if used incorrectly.

All too many homeowners continue to browse these websites for design ideas after their kitchen construction has already started, and often find themselves changing their plans to fit a new style they’ve seen online.  Needless to say, this costs time and money. 

2. Commit to Your Design Decision

After spending time on your favorite websites, write down your favorite ideas, have your designer draw them into plans, and commit. 

Once you’ve made your commitment, don’t allow yourself to return to design sites like Pinterest or request changes to the plans. 

3. Let the Experts Do the Work

Once your design plans are finalized, it’s time to step out of the picture.

By giving your construction and design professionals the space to install, adjust, and test the features in your new kitchen, you’ll be able to enjoy a faster remodel. 

Combat design perfectionism by limiting your time on sites like Pinterest and Houzz – especially after your design plans have been set in stone. By limiting change orders, trusting your kitchen designer, and giving your project time, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful new space without excessive stress. 

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