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Kitchen Lighting - 6 Types of Light Fixtures You Need to Know About

One important factor to think about when creating a pleasant environment is your kitchen lighting design. Here are a few things you must know.
Monday, 11 November 2019
The 6 Types of Kitchen Lighting You Need to Know The 6 Types of Kitchen Lighting You Need to Know

One important factor to think about when creating a pleasant Colorado Springs home ambiance in your kitchen lighting design and fixtures. 

Did you know that over 100,000 people were looking forward to home renovation projects in recent years? While you may be part of this percentage of homeowners, there are some home projects that can be completed easier than others. 

Let's take lighting during a kitchen remodeling or renovation for example. While your current kitchen lights may be doing the job, there are 6 popular modern kitchen lighting solutions that you need to know about to take your decor to the next level.

Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

First on our list of modern kitchen lighting solutions is under-cabinet lighting. A bit more unconventional than traditional kitchen lighting, under-cabinet kitchen lights are great if you want to add a shadow effect to your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting is great for giving a unique kitchen backsplash design a little extra pop of visual appeal. 

Here are some examples of under cabinet kitchen lighting ideas.

  • Strip Lights. Chic yet easy to install, strip lights are perfect for those with low kitchen cabinets going for a more versatile feel. 

  • Puck Lights.  If you're looking for kitchen lighting that will illuminate your countertops, puck lights will be perfect for a warm and inviting kitchen lighting design.

In addition, Colorado Springs homeowners who are looking for focused lighting in order to read recipes or prepare meals will really enjoy under-cabinet lighting.

Ceiling Lights 

We couldn't make it through our list of modern kitchen lighting without mentioning ceiling lights. While there are several different options when it comes to ceiling lighting, they all provide an uplifting ambiance. 

  • Recessed Lighting. If you have a larger kitchen, downlighting will provide a customizable feel that will bring your beautiful kitchen design to life. In addition, placing the light fixtures sporadically throughout the kitchen will bring proper emphasis to high-used areas. 

  • Flushmount Lighting. Perfect for smaller kitchens, these lights are ideal if you're looking to add more style to cooking space.  Flush-mount kitchen lighting is typically a light fixture in the shape of a dome that's mounted flush to the ceiling. Typically the light fixture extends just below the ceiling. 

Accent Lighting

Last on our list of modern kitchen lighting ideas is accent lighting. Just like adding a pop color to your favorite furniture, accent lighting is perfect in order to emphasize your favorite parts of the kitchen.

  • Toe Kick Lighting. Toe-kick lighting is a lighting system hidden in the recess at the bottom of a base cabinet. If you want to light up the pathway to your kitchen, install these light fixtures in order to add a chic, modern feel to your beautiful kitchen space.

  • Pendant Lights. The chandelier has survived for hundreds of years because a hanging light is sometimes the only option for certain spaces.  Like mini-chandeliers, pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling and drop down to light a specific area. Use pendant lights to brighten the space above a kitchen island or counter dining area.

And if you're feeling a bit risque, add color-changing smart bulbs to your accent light fixtures to bring more flair to your eating area.

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