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Kitchen Safety Tips for Holiday Entertaining at Home During COVID

This year, the holidays may look different for Colorado Springs families. Read our kitchen safety tips for a happy, healthy, and safe season amidst CO...
Monday, 26 October 2020
Kitchen Safety Tips For Entertaining At Home During COVID Kitchen Safety Tips For Entertaining At Home During COVID

The 2020 holidays are likely to look a lot different this year, and Colorado Springs families may be trying to come up with some kitchen safety tips to keep themselves and their loved ones safe while still enjoying the festivities together. As COVID-19 continues to spread across the nation, it’s more important than ever to use caution when planning holiday get-togethers. 

In general, health experts are discouraging any gathering that brings multiple households together. El Paso County is currently under Level Orange: Higher Risk restrictions, which limits the number of guests to 10, or no more than two households.  But, let’s assume you aren’t planning a massive party and instead just having mom and dad over for dinner or your adult kids. With the right planning and kitchen safety tips, you can probably spread holiday cheers instead of COVID-19. 

Ways to Avoid Getting and Spreading COVID-19 During the Holidays

Some of the ways you can salvage your festivities while minimizing the risk of contracting the virus or giving it to someone else, include:

  • Celebrate with members of your household. You might be tired of seeing them by now with all of the quarantines, at-home schooling, and telecommuting, but make the most of it. Decorate your home and have a special meal to celebrate almost getting through 2020.
  • Drop off a pot-luck. It’s not the same as a communal meal, but you can still share food with others. The best kitchen safety tip is to cook food at home and then deliver it (safely) to your would-be guests. 
  • Grocery shop online. If you haven’t learned how to use your favorite grocery store’s app yet, now is a good time to start. Choose and pay for your groceries online and either select pick-up or have them delivered to your home. 

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Kitchen Safety Tips for Mixed-Household Gatherings

If you decide to have an in-person get-together, you can reduce the risk of COVID transmission with these kitchen safety tips:

  • Clean often with soap and water, and disinfect surfaces.  Clean your kitchen surfaces with soap and water, and disinfect, before you begin to cook and between the courses. A best practice is to clean as you go, and be sure to wash your hands often. Surfaces that will be touched frequently by your guests (kitchen faucet handles, or countertops, for instance) should be disinfected regularly. 
  • Use face coverings and social distance. Ask everyone to wear face coverings when not drinking or eating. People from the same household can sit together, but others should be distanced by at least six feet, particularly while eating. 
  • Practice safe serving. Guests should bring food in covered containers. Designate one person to do the food and beverage serving. Avoid a situation where people are crowding around a table to self-serve items.
  • Eat outside or open windows. If possible, move your holiday celebration outside. Can you turn it into a potluck picnic or barbecue? If not, open as many windows in your home as you can to increase ventilation. 
  • Keep it intimate and short. Limit your guest list as much as possible, and reduce the amount of time you are together. 

How Can You Upgrade Your Kitchen for Future Holidays?

This year’s holidays may not be what any of us wanted due to COVID-19. Loved ones, especially those in high-risk categories, might need to take a raincheck for family gatherings or socially-distance when together. But these kitchen safety tips should help you make the most of a tough situation, and keep you and your family safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. 

One thing you can do while exercising caution this year is to look forward to future holiday celebrations. Take a look around your kitchen and see what you’d like to improve upon or upgrade for next year’s events. When you are ready to get started, Designer Kitchens in Colorado Springs and our Certified Kitchen Designer Consultants have the expertise to transform your kitchen into a space that meets your needs and vision. Call or visit our kitchen design showroom in Colorado Springs today!

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