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Kitchen Remodeling During the Coronavirus Quarantine

As Coronavirus quarantine drags on, many Colorado Springs homeowners are wondering if now is a good time to start a kitchen design and remodeling proj...


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Monday, 23 March 2020
Kitchen Design & Remodeling During Coronavirus Quarantine Kitchen Design & Remodeling During Coronavirus Quarantine

The Coronavirus Quarantine is a Great Time to Visualize the Kitchen Remodel of Your Dreams

Many Colorado Springs homeowners are spending more time than ever at home during the stay-at-home order issued by Governor Polis. During this forced imprisonment in their homes, homeowners are noticing things about their kitchen design that they’d like to spruce up or replace altogether. 

The coronavirus stay-at-home order might be an excellent time for you to plan your kitchen remodeling project simply because you’re stuck at home without the usual distractions of shopping, eating out, etc.   

While you’ve got some time on your hands, why not leisurely wander around your home food preparation, dining, pantry, and entertaining areas? Write down things you love and don’t love about your kitchen layout, cabinets, appliances, and eating areas. Grab a glass of wine. Take a few minutes to sketch ideas out on paper. Refill your glass. Dream a little about the possibilities of improving the food preparation space that you have. 

Use Your Free Time To Create a Detailed Plan for Your Kitchen Design and Remodeling Project

Now is a great time to create an in-detailed plan for both the kitchen design and the remodeling phase.  Rather than bingeing on Netflix, you could dive into kitchen appliance comparison charts, cabinet hardware review sites, kitchen trend blogs, and local Colorado Springs kitchen remodeler reviews.

Every successful kitchen remodeling project should begin with a design phase. But often, there is a tendency in homeowners to rush through the kitchen design phase-out of excitement to start the project and see and enjoy the results. 

Rushing the kitchen design phase may prove disastrous later.  Homeowners with extra time during the Coronavirus quarantine can capitalize on the opportunity to work with a professional kitchen designer and remodeling company to plan your kitchen remodeling project thoroughly. 

Being stuck at home and likely running out of ways to keep yourself entertained makes this a great time to start the conversation with a kitchen design expert. You can take your time to create the perfect design, plan, and schedule.

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Preparation and Lead Time for Your Kitchen Remodel

If you have to quarantine at home, this may be the perfect time to start clearing the kitchen space and cleaning it out. You can sell or give away some of the old decor items you no longer want. It’s funny how much time and effort you can put into selling stuff that is still good.

You’ll also want to think about where you’re going to prep meals while your kitchen is out of commission. Many people set up temporary kitchens in a utility room, basement, patio, deck, or other outdoor areas that have a grill and seating areas (which works perfectly during Colorado Springs springtime). You could pass the many hours away now by prepping the temp kitchen.

Also, keep in mind there’s always a lead time needed to get custom kitchen cabinets built and delivered in Colorado Springs. And you will also need lead time to lock in the best remodeling contractors. So, put the downtime you have now to good use thinking, planning, and organizing your kitchen remodeling project for a future implementation date when Colorado finally lifts the stay-at-home order.

Now is a Good Time to Refinance

Kitchen remodeling projects can be expensive, and many people choose to use the equity in their homes to finance part or all of the project. Although refinancing may seem very daunting, right now is the perfect time to speak with a home financing expert in Colorado Springs

Interest rates are low at the moment, so now you have a unique opportunity to lock in an excellent rate. Lower interest rates will get you more equity, which you can use to help pay for your home renovations.

What If Your Household is Full of People Self-Isolating?

If your home is currently full of adults and children stuck at home, you may think that now is not a great time to have the kitchen closed down. Plus, you might not want a house full of strangers if you’re trying to social distance. 

You can still proceed with the kitchen design phase of the remodeling, even if you don’t want construction workers in your home. Working with the best kitchen designers in Colorado Springs requires very little human interaction in your kitchen, or with the kitchen designers themselves for that matter.

The Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) at Designer Kitchens in Colorado Springs only need to make one visit to your home to create the custom kitchen design of your dreams.  

During the free visit, the kitchen designers only need to accomplish two things. First, they will discuss your ideas, dreams, and goals for your kitchen remodel. Second, they will take exact measurements of your kitchen spaces. 


People are seeing some good things coming out of the pandemic. We often hear from Colorado Springs homeowners that are noticing they’ve gained the extra time to invest in their homes and the families they nurture inside them. 

If you want to get started planning the kitchen of your dreams, then give us a call. The certified kitchen designers at Designer Kitchens in Colorado Springs are open and available to get you started with a free 3D kitchen design and price quote.

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