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Kitchen Remodel - Planning Enough Storage

When you begin to design your dream kitchen, it’s easy to get carried away with the big details like colors, materials and fixtures. We spend a ton of...

Inventory kitchen supplies

The best way to plan for the kitchen storage you need is to consider all of the kitchen supplies you have now and what you want handy.

  • Do you keep fancy dishes out in the garage but you want them to be in a cabinet nearby?
  • Does it feel like you don’t have enough room for pans and casserole dishes?
  • What about counter space for appliances?

List everything you have and write down the number of electrical outlets and how much counter space there is. Making a drawer list is a good plan too. Then write down how you feel or how much more room to put these things you wish you had. Is it difficult to get to the dish you like because there are so many stacked on top of eachother? Inventorying the supplies you have and how you feel about them will be super helpful in the long run.

Figure out what you don’t have or plan to get

Once you know what you have, what space you have and how hard or easy it is to get to things, you need to think about what you don’t have. This can be a mix of appliances as well as the storage that’s missing. Do you wish you had a KitchenAid mixer and know you’ll eventually buy one that you’ll want to proudly display? Maybe you want more drawers to better separate utensils.

Even think about groceries and if you have the space to keep everything you want or if you store food elsewhere in the house too. By having a list of what you don’t have but want you can be sure that your Colorado Springs kitchen remodeler is taking care of your needs and making your kitchen remodel worth the mess it can sometimes become.

Make a list of yes and no’s

I know - remodeling a kitchen is a lot of lists - but this is how you make sure your contractor understands your likes, dislikes and demands. After you’ve made your lists of what you have and what you want to have, make a list of yes and no’s in terms of space.

Once you evaluate everything you own you can see how much more room you’ll need and you’ll have to make decisions on the way you want to organize that space. Talk to your contractor about options like a lazy susan in the corner of cabinets or different sized spaces for pots and pans.

Once he’s laid out an entire list of options for you, it’s easy for you to write down what you want to do, what you don’t and why. Kitchen remodels don’t always go as planned so having this list will help your contractor to know what options are available when plans change.

Consider the amount of remodeling involved

After you’ve mapped out your dream kitchen with your contractor, it’s a good idea to discuss how long the plan will take and what to expect while the kitchen is under remodel. When you decide to completely install brand new cabinets or completely change floors or countertops, the remodel you’re scheduling could last weeks, whereas a refacing project instead could last days.

If you have no problem with a longer timeline, going for the complete rehaul is likely going to give you the remodel you’re dreaming of. If the thought of eating take-out for a few weeks and not being able to have full access to your kitchen for more than a couple days seems unbearable, you’ll either need to come up with a smaller plan that involves less work or make a plan with your contractor so that certain areas of the kitchen are mostly available during your Colorado Springs kitchen remodel.

If the actual structure of your kitchen is the problem but not necessarily the look, remember that you’re aiming for results and you may just have to suck it up and let the contractor do the complete project, even if it means a week or two of inconvenience.

Fully design the space

After you’ve written up a plan with your kitchen contractor and you know what you have in the kitchen, be prepared for the job to get done by making a design for how you’ll set up the kitchen.

Having to put your kitchen supplies, food and decorations back into the kitchen with no plan can be overwhelming. Write down what is going into each drawer, which shelf will hold what food and where appliances will go.

Also factor in any accessories or decorations that can double as storage. Hanging pot racks, stand alone wine racks and even spice organizers all can make a kitchen look great and it saves the built-in storage space of the kitchen. If you don’t factor these into your kitchen design right away though, you’ll end up rearranging a few times.

Once you’ve finished your research, listed your belongings and wants, talked with your contractor and designed your space, it’s time to get started on making your Colorado Springs kitchen remodel a reality. Your kitchen (and life) may seem a bit unorganized for a while, but when your kitchen is finished you’ll have the storage you need and the kitchen you’ve dreamed of.

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