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Inspired Kitchen Designs for your next Colorado Springs Kitchen Remodel

When it comes time to hire a kitchen design contractor for your Colorado Springs kitchen remodel, it’s a good idea to have some inspiration for the up...


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Monday, 10 April 2017

Modern Kitchen Designs

As people go through home renovations or even build a brand new home, the sleek, modern look is gaining more and more popularity. It’s sophisticated, simple and sometimes can even seem futuristic.

Floors & Cabinets

The cabinets and hardware in a modern kitchen are simplistic and unadorned. Floors might be slate tiles or a plain, wooden floor. For the most part, the details tend to lean in the way of being more straight-edged and plain rather than adorned or intricate.

Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are a good way to upgrade your kitchen to seem more modern without making huge changes. Modern kitchens often trump a traditional kitchen with their state-of-the-art ovens, hood vents and even exhaust fans. Things like sinks can now be designed to hide under cutting boards to make the countertop look continual, microwaves or toasters can be built into counters or cabinets, and often times it’s not unusual for all things to be stainless steel.

Kitchen Lighting

The lighting of the kitchen is another way to modernize a kitchen during a renovation. It can not only give the space some uniqueness and individuality, but it is also a great way to create cool effects throughout the room.

Tuscan Inspired Kitchens

Maybe the modern kitchen isn’t the right feel for your home. If your style is more of a warm look and feel, then a Tuscan kitchen could be the perfect inspiration for your kitchen remodel. Rather than the shiny, sleek look of a modernized kitchen, a Tuscan or Italian designed kitchen has a lived-in look with distressed details, matte surfaces, and the feeling that life is for enjoying.


Often the relaxed feel of this design also carries over to the lighting. When you use a Colorado Springs kitchen designer to help you put together a Tuscan look for your kitchen, you may decide to add more windows or get window treatments that aren’t as heavy or dark. A bright, airy feel is the goal, so using natural light or translucent window coverings can give the kitchen a more open, outdoor feel.  

You may want to consider contacting a Colorado Springs replacement window contractor if your windows need replacement or upgrade.

Cabinets & Floors

Cabinets and floors in a Tuscan kitchen are more natural. The cabinets you choose for your kitchen remodel will probably be plain wood or painted one simple color. The floor finish will depend on what you prefer. Wood is always an option, but if you like tile better, choose a color or finish that is similar to rock or stone you’d find in the Italian countryside. Marble or terracotta could be great options, as well as any sand or stone colored tile.

Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Floral and natural details make this look come together. Furniture made of wood or decorations that represent the animals, flowers or even stones can be a way for you to put your stamp on the look of the kitchen. Choose your favorite flower or an animal you like to use as a theme for the details. If you have a garden, you can even put fresh flowers in the kitchen every day for a special, homey touch.

Country style kitchens

If the homey, lived in feel of a Tuscan inspired kitchen fit the bill for you, however, you don’t love some of the design details or ideas, a country style kitchen could be more your style. When you’re remodeling or designing a kitchen to be cozy, welcoming and comfy, the country inspired design could be just the ticket.

As with Tuscan styles, a true country kitchen focuses on natural materials and helping guests to feel welcome, however, the details in a country kitchen may be more of the craftsman style or feature old-fashioned detailings.

Kitchen Cabinets

Wood can play a big role in a country style kitchen whether it’s what the floors and cabinets are made of or how it’s integrated into furniture and decor. Maple, oak and pine wood are very common for creating a rustic and unique appearance.


Appliances are very important in a country style kitchen, too. While a sink may not be the centerpiece of most kitchen remodels, in a country kitchen, it’s a main part of the decor. Porcelain or stainless steel are two popular options. Larger, farm-style sinks can change the feel of the entire room, as can a refurbished porcelain sink. These sinks are super functional while still offering a lot to the design element. Keep in mind that you’ll want your appliances to match the details on the sink, so if you want a stainless steel refrigerator, getting a large porcelain sink without a stainless steel spout may not look as matched as it could.

Country Kitchen Decor

Reclaimed decorations and furniture can finish this country inspired kitchen perfectly. Replace a plain pantry door with a refurbished sliding barn door, or buy metal and wood-based furniture that are more distressed-looking rather than unused. Warm colors will invite visitors in, and homey details like soft, cushioned seats, patterned tablecloths and curtains, and happy paintings will have them wanting to stay an extra hour or two. Maybe place a mason jar with flowers or a candle on the dining table for a special touch. The best part about using reclaimed decorations is that you have a chance to add your unique twist to your kitchen that may not have been possible with cookie-cutter style furniture or knick-knacks.

Whether your goal for your renovated kitchen is to create a clean, slick feel or a homey, inviting space to cook and eat, there are many places to draw inspiration from when having a Colorado Springs kitchen remodel designer create your kitchen space.

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