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A kitchen is a place of gathering and most often considered the heart of the home. It is a social center. You and your spouse might sit at the island...


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Monday, 08 October 2018

Deciding to Remodel Your Kitchen

Even in a house where cooking isn’t a priority, it’s essential to have a functional and beautiful kitchen, but designing an entire kitchen renovation is overwhelming, and no one kitchen design works for every home.

There are also a ton of features to choose from and prioritize when renovating the space. Think about flooring types, counter materials, storage space, appliances, and even just the sink - these all have to work together to make time spent in the kitchen convenient, but you still want them to look good too.

If you aren’t sure where to start, it’s always a good idea to contact a Colorado Springs kitchen remodeler, but there are a few things you can keep in mind to begin the process of creating a kitchen remodel design.

Where to Start with Your Kitchen Design

What You Don't Want in Your Custom Kitchen

Before you begin to make a list of what you want in a new kitchen, make a list of what you dislike about yours. The more details, the better. Even if it is just a slight inconvenience.

For example, don't you wish the counter space next to the sink had just 6 inches of more space to work on? Does your working counter space make you feel cramped? Do you find the location of the refrigerator annoying? Do any of the cupboards bump into each other? Is the kitchen too dark? Make a note of everything.

You aren’t going to want your dream kitchen to have those inconveniences, and you don’t want to ignore things that only slightly bother you. If you do, you may unknowingly make those annoyances worse during the remodel.

By making a note of what you don’t want, it’ll be easier to tell your contractor what you have in mind for the new space. For example, I don't just want to redesign the cupboards, I want them re-fitted and re-sized so they can all be opened at once. Don't forget to mention that spice cupboard you've always dreamed of, because who wants to hunt down those small spice bottles when you have a cabinet designed for them.

Kitchen Features You Do Want

Once you’ve made the list of what you don’t like in your home, begin to consider what you want that you don’t have, or any ideas that have popped into your mind. Do you want a kitchen island or enough space for a breakfast nook? What type of countertops are you looking for? Is there enough storage or do you want a walk-in pantry?

Also, take a look at basic concerns that aren’t fun but are necessary. The ceiling may have damage from smoke or water, or there may not be enough electrical outlets. All of these can add up to making your perfect kitchen and although sometimes you will decide not to move forward with every idea, by listing them out it is easier to prioritize or get creative with the design.

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Get the Bigger Picture: Visit a Showroom

Now that you’ve made a list of desires and needs that "focus" your Colorado Springs kitchen remodel take the time to go to an actual showroom. It’s easy to say you want granite countertops with white wood cabinets and a hardwood floor, but knowing what the finished product will look like isn’t possible without seeing it in person.

Don’t just look at individual features; imagine the kitchen as a whole. When hiring a Colorado Springs kitchen remodeler, be sure their design includes small details like the floors coordinating with the cabinets and counters. Look at the heights and depth of shelves and even space between islands and counters.

Let the kitchen design showroom give you a springboard to base your design ideas from. An excellent kitchen design showroom will provide aesthetically pleasing examples of what works well and from there you can decide what you want different.

An option to consider as you visit a kitchen design showroom and pick out countertops, floor styles, cabinets, and appliances is how vital sustainability and “going green” is to your family and kitchen. Look for Energy Star and Energy Rating Numbers on appliances.

When it comes to the floors and counters, find sustainable but stylish materials like cork or restored wood. Some companies use recycled content for their materials as well. This isn’t necessary, but it is something to keep in mind when you renovate, especially if environmental friendliness is a priority in your home.

Coordination is King in the Kitchen

There's nothing more satisfying than walking into a kitchen with completely color-coordinated appliances, towels, placemats, rugs, and the like. It looks great and ties everything together.

As you are considering coordination of the kitchen, keep in mind color schemes and making everything match - but not match too much. Many times designers do a 60-30-10 color scheme to keep it in the same realm.

This means the primary color is 60 percent of the room, 30 percent is a complementary color and 10 percent is a detail color for trim and accents. The floors may not need to match the color scheme entirely but making sure it’s a shade of one of the colors or at least doesn’t clash is essential.

Neutrality for items that aren’t as easily interchangeable or that take up a big portion of the kitchen is also smart, as if you decide to redecorate, that bit item won’t be as much of a hassle and likely can work with whatever new room colors you choose.

Keep Layout in Mind with Your Kitchen Design

When designing a kitchen, after you’ve figured out fixtures and colors you want, it’s time to think about the layout. Primarily if you use the kitchen for cooking (hey, some people use it as a place to move their food from a take-out box to a plate), keeping a kitchen triangle is standard and helpful.

This is how a kitchen triangle works. The distances from the sink to the stove to the refrigerator and back shouldn’t add up to be less than 12 feet because it will feel cramped when moving from one area to the next. You also do not want it to be more than 22 feet, because it would be difficult to move from the stove to the refrigerator, and so forth. The kitchen triangle rule also specifies that no one side of the triangle should be less than 4 feet or more than 9 feet. Using the kitchen triangle will ultimately save steps, make cooking more convenient and ensure your kitchen isn’t difficult to work in.

Of course, the kitchen triangle may not work with smaller kitchen spaces but it is a good rule of thumb to follow if you have the space to work with and want the kitchen to flow just right.

Remodeling a kitchen can be a big and overwhelming job. When it’s time to make decisions, that may mean finding a Colorado Springs kitchen remodeler to design your dream kitchen. By hiring professional help, you risk less and can feel confident in knowing that your decisions are backed by someone who works to create luxury, dream kitchens for a living. You will get unbiased advice and ultimately, the space you want.

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