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Kitchen Design Tips to Improve Organization and Happiness

In this first article of our two-part series on Kitchen Organization, we share our favorite kitchen design tips to improve functionality and workflow.


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Monday, 22 March 2021
Kitchen Cabinets In Colorado Springs Kitchen Cabinets In Colorado Springs


Many Colorado Springs homeowners find themselves frustrated with the clutter and are looking for kitchen design tips that improve the organization and functionality of their kitchen. If there is one room in the house that demands organization, it has to be the kitchen. In this post, we explore some kitchen design concepts that not only improve workflow but also reduce clutter and improve accessibility.

Room to Move and Places to Work

A great kitchen design should accommodate at least three adults working comfortably, at the same time, in order to enjoy the community of meal preparation. 

One kitchen design tip we come back to time and again is the concept of individual workstations. 

The term workstation is frequently used in professional kitchens to refer to an area that an individual chef or prep cook will stand to perform a specific function or related group of functions.  

For example, when you are envisioning a new design or kitchen remodel, think about where you will prep food for cooking, perform the cooking, plate the food for delivery to the table, and clean the cookware as you cook.  

Each of these individual functions may be performed by one person or shared by a small team of cooks, but the key is having room in the kitchen to move around.

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Cabinet Design and Layout

With the above concept of workstations in mind, you should make sure that your kitchen is well organized so that you can easily find what you need and you are not crossing into the workspaces during the food prep process, especially when there are multiple cooks in the kitchen.

Many home chefs recommend you organize the design and layout of your kitchen cabinets and drawers by locating what you use for a specific task near the location in the kitchen where you perform the task.  

For example, keep cooking mitts and spatulas in a drawer next to the stove. Place mixing bowls and spices near the food prep area. And dishes and silverware should be kept in a separate area between the cooking and dining areas.

In terms of where to put various cooking utensils and tools, think about how often you need a particular item. Frequently used culinary tools (such as chopping knives) should be easy to grab while less-used items (like citrus juicers and cheese graters) can be in the back of cabinets and on lower and higher shelves.

Many Colorado Springs area home chefs use the same 2 or 3 pans every day so those pans should be in an easy-to-grab location like a cabinet next to the stove. Conversely, most people don't bake every day, so baking-related items can be stored on the lower shelf of a lazy susan, or in another cabinet that is not frequently accessed.


Many Colorado Springs residents embarking on a kitchen project don't realize just how complicated the kitchen design process can be, especially when you take into consideration the concepts of space and work organization mentioned above. When you decide to embark on a kitchen design or remodeling project, it is helpful to have the input of a professional kitchen designer to guide you on choosing the right kitchen layout and cabinets to meet your family's cooking needs.

Come back next month, when we will get into the nitty-gritty of kitchen organization, with tips on how to maximize your cabinet space to get your kitchen in order.  

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