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Gorgeous Custom Kitchen Designs to Inspire Your Next Remodel

Need a little bit of an inspirational boost? Look no further. Find inspiration for your next remodel here with beautiful custom kitchen designs.


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Monday, 07 October 2019
Custom Kitchen Designs that Inspire Custom Kitchen Designs that Inspire

A beautiful custom kitchen is a great way to add value to your home and to bring new life into the most popular room in the house. Luckily, we're here to give you that boost of inspiration you need to get the job started!

From modern to traditional and some in between, continue reading below for the best custom kitchen design ideas. 

A True Baker's Custom Kitchen 

Do you love to bake? Can you see yourself baking in your newly customized kitchen? If so, then a true baker's kitchen is the best design for you!

You can take even the smallest of Colorado Springs kitchens and turn it into something amazing that any baker will love. One way to make the kitchen larger is to consider knocking down any walls that enclose unnecessary rooms. For example, if you have a dining room that's used more for storage, break the barriers! 

For a baker's kitchen, you'll need lots of storage and counter space. Consider using dark navy blue painted cabinets that set apart the baking area from the rest of the kitchen. Install a bright counter where the cooling racks can lay and a unique tiled nook area for the blender and mixer. 

A separate pantry solely for baking purposes is also a great addition to a baker's kitchen. Place touches of brass and iron throughout the kitchen and creates an eat-in dining space as well. 

Modern Kitchen With Greenery

We all know and love the modern kitchen design. And when we think about modern kitchens, we think about sparkling white cabinets matched with glossy white countertops. These kitchens are beautiful and pair well with dark features such as black appliances, sinks and faucets, and more. 

However, it's important to add some greenery as well. If you live in Colorado Springs you probably love the outdoors.  Greenery goes well with the white, and the kitchen is a great place to start your own small garden. Plants lighten up the room and give it life. 

Consider placing the greenery in cabinets with glass doors to keep them out of the way but still useful. And when you're in need of a fresh herb, you know exactly where to go!

Kitchen With Unfinished Accents

When you consider a kitchen remodel, you might believe that you must completely redo all aspects of the kitchen. However, that's simply not true. Leaving some unfinished accents in the kitchen is a great way to give it character. 

If you have brick walls in your kitchen, leave them exposed. You can paint them if desired as they add to that custom feel you're looking for. Any other original kitchen architectural details should be left unfinished and incorporated into the new design when possible.

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Keep These Custom Kitchen Design Ideas in Mind!

Although you don't necessarily have to follow these custom kitchen design ideas exactly, they're a great starting point for boosting your inspiration. Choose a Colorado Springs kitchen design that suits you best such as traditional, rustic, or modern, and then use these tips and ideas to truly customize it!

For more help on designing your new kitchen or to get a kitchen remodeling project started in Colorado Springs, contact us today!

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