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Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Newly Remodeled Kitchen

You’ve done it. You’ve finally finished your home’s kitchen remodel and you’re ready to celebrate. Kitchen design companies nowadays make kitchens a p...

Have the family pitch in

The first people you’ll want to see your newly renovated kitchen is the people who will be using it as part of their every day life - your family! Rather than spending hours and hours putting the kitchen back together once the kitchen design company has finished, have everyone pitch in.

Buy a car full of groceries, get the dishes, pots and appliances back into the kitchen, and then call a family meeting. Turn up the music and have everyone participating in putting everything away. Let the kids help decide where certain items should be placed.

Have an assembly line pass the dinnerware through the kitchen to put it back in the cabinet. Once you're done, not only will everything be back in place, but the kids will know where everything is and will have seen all of the fun new features of your beautifully renovated kitchen.

Have an open house

Once the pieces are put back together and your family has seen what a wonderful space they’ll have to cook and eat in, it’s time to show the world. After a renovation it can be exhausting to think of having a party immediately, but at the same time, it is so exciting to get to tell everyone about your new space.

Who doesn’t want to show off something that took planning, money and time? Have an open house, but have your guests participate in helping out. Ask them to bring their favorite dish to cook, along with the recipe.

This is so much fun because it takes the pressure of cooking and supplying everything for the open house off of the host, and gives you a ton of new recipes and ideas to cook in your kitchen!

Take some photos of the kitchen before the renovation, frame them, and place them near the newly renovated spaces. This will let guests see the actual transformation and appreciate how beautiful your new kitchen truly is.

Host a dinner party

Once things have settled down and your home and habits are back to normal, plan a way to truly celebrate the new amenities and beauty your kitchen brings. Host a formal dinner party!

Plan to make dishes that utilize the new features in your kitchen. Decorate with colors that bring out your countertops or new cabinets. Cook food that can be prepared in front of guests so they can “ooh” and “ahh” at your appliances.

Make it interactive and let them help you cook. It will allow your guests to truly understand how your kitchen renovation has been such an improvement for yourself and family.

Your kitchen remodel in Colorado Springs should be a celebration. It takes hard work, from picking out the kitchen design company to planning out what you want and living in chaos during the renovation. Once it is finished, show your friends and family it’s worth the time and money.

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