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Budgeting for the Right Appliances in a Colorado Springs Kitchen Remodel

Are considering a kitchen remodel of your Colorado Springs home? This article provides some helpful advice about budgeting for your major kitchen appl...


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Monday, 14 January 2019
Appliances are the Stars of Colorado Springs Kitchen Remodels Appliances are the Stars of Colorado Springs Kitchen Remodels


Considerations when budgeting for kitchen appliances

A kitchen remodel is full of choices! You won’t want to forget to account for the appliances that will complement the rest of the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line range or something more basic, there are appliances to meet every budget.

Your design plan will help determine what you’re looking for as you shop for your appliances in Colorado Springs.

Do you want a double oven for holiday baking? A slim profile refrigerator to fit a smaller scaled kitchen? Or a light colored microwave and dishwasher to lighten up the area?

Consider your current kitchen ventilation, plumbing, and electrical setup.  Will you need to run a gas line or are you using the current gas line piping? Changing your energy source or layout will affect your budget.

One third to half of your kitchen remodel budget will go toward kitchen appliances whether you are updating or upgrading.

Appliance material, color, and even brand are a major influence on delivering the “right” look and feel of your remodeled kitchen.

These are a few of the appliance considerations that impact the overall look and feel of your kitchen remodel.   It will be worth it to consider your options and make room in your budget for the appliances you’ll use every day, for many years to come.

Once your Colorado Springs kitchen remodel design plan is in place, the fun of further personalizing your kitchen space begins.

Kitchen remodel budgeting for the Big-4 appliances

Range and stove top

The range and oven are often focal points of a kitchen. If a range hood is a part of your kitchen remodel design, you’ll want to purchase a range that will match its presence. Whether you are a regular cook or baker will impact your needs and desires.

Colorado Springs foodies that live in the kitchen love gas ranges for their ability to evenly-bake food.  Would a six burner or four burner range better suit your needs? Are you wanting wall ovens as well?

Staying at a lower price point doesn’t mean you have to give on a luxury feel. An electric range in a matte slate finish is popular and adds a finished, sleek look to most any kitchen.


Like ranges, a refrigerator is an important piece that many Colorado Springs homeowners overlook as they budget for their kitchen remodel.

Unlike the range for some people, everyone in the home uses the refrigerator on a daily if not hourly basis. You’ll want an appliance that will last you many years to come and meet all of your needs.

In recent years, homeowners often buy a French door/freezer on the bottom pull out version over the standard side-by-side model we’ve seen of years past.

The side-by-sides models allow for improved visibility and access to all your groceries, which means less waste of food and money.


Along with your refrigerator, the dishwasher you choose is likely to see a lot of use. When comparing dishwasher features and options, we recommend you take into consideration the size, makeup, and habits of your family.

What kind of rack arrangement and wash cycle options are necessary for your needs? Will you have lots of pots and pans, or will you need space for wine glasses and delicate dishware?

Energy and water saving options may save you money in the long run and be worth the higher upfront purchase price.


Don’t forget to budget for the microwave and other smaller appliances you’ll rely on from day to day. Though they make a smaller impact on your kitchens look and feel, the color and styles you choose and where they fit into your kitchen appliance budget should be considered.  

Some homeowners prefer their microwave low and out of sight while others prefer to integrate it into their design and have it in a more functional space for their family.

A pop of color or a whimsy design of small appliances can add a personal touch to your kitchen remodel space.

Finally, budget for quality

Take the time to budget for and choose the highest-quality appliances for your Colorado kitchen remodel.

You won’t regret finding the appliances that best suit your family and Colorado Springs lifestyle. Three years from now when your appliances are still going strong and you still love how they look, you won’t regret spending the extra money on quality kitchen appliances.

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