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Choosing A Timeless Cabinet Style For Your Custom Kitchen Remodel

Are you ready to invest in a kitchen remodel? Let us help you choose the timeless cabinet style that will complement your new kitchen's design the...
Monday, 15 November 2021

Nothing pulls together your custom kitchen remodel like choosing a timeless cabinet style that complements your style theme.  This kitchen "theme" helps keep the flow of the kitchen natural and balanced, and is the baseline for choosing everything all of the design elements of your remodel, from countertops and flooring to cabinet styles.

Your cabinet style should not only fit the look of your home but also should be functional for your lifestyle. As one of the most visible aspects of a kitchen design, cabinet doors are one of the most important parts of a kitchen remodel and shouldn't be overlooked. 

A poorly made cabinet or cabinets that do not complement your kitchen theme will completely throw off the beauty of quality countertops or could stick out like a sore thumb against the perfect flooring. Understanding different styles of cabinets, as well as some of the kitchen styles, helps you choose the best Colorado kitchen cabinets for your home.

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Timeless Cabinet Styles

When you begin remodeling your kitchen, you may be overwhelmed by the choices available in the modern, custom kitchen. In our experience, choosing your kitchen cabinet style is a great launching point, since this choice can impact your other choices. Here are some timeless cabinet styles to consider as you start your remodel:

Shaker-Style Cabinets

The most common cabinet door in most kitchens is the shaker-style cabinet. Shaker cabinets use simple, clean lines to create a door that can work with different kitchen themes or styles. It is a flat-panel system that can be changed to look traditional, contemporary or modern.

Choosing shaker-style cabinetry means you can choose from many variations of wood, stain, paint, finish and even hardware. The versatility of this timeless cabinet style gives your kitchen a custom feel because you can combine and change out parts of the cabinet you don’t like, such as the handles or paint color.

This Colorado kitchen cabinet style is also good if you know you’ll remodel your kitchen in the future. It’s easy to pick cost-effective materials that can be switched out at some point, or you can pick luxury finishes to keep for a lifetime. Shaker-style cabinetry is a timeless design that fits any budget, whether it’s small or unlimited. 

Flat Cabinets

If simplicity is more your style, flat cabinets can make a perfect cabinet door in your remodeled kitchen. Flat cabinets are flat-paneled cabinet doors typically made of either laminate or wood. There aren’t many details to the cabinet and its minimalist look lends a hand in keeping a kitchen look clean, modern and simple.

Many people choose flat cabinets because they have a classic look and are available in many colors. However, one detail that many overlook when choosing this cabinet style is that most flat cabinets have exposed hinges because of the way the door fits precisely into the frame.

With a typical cabinet, the hinges are hidden so the look isn’t important, but with a flat cabinet, you’ll have to pick a hardware that you like and that fits into your kitchen style. If you prefer a modern, contemporary look, consider this timeless cabinet style. the modern, contemporary look.

Louvered Cabinets

If you love a luxurious, handcrafted look, then louvered cabinets might fit well in your kitchen remodel. These cabinets are made with wood slats. These slats, which are usually used on windows or interior doors, add to the architectural style and can be a good way to add ventilation to some cabinets.

The doors have space between each wooden slat, so air can freely flow through. Louvered cabinetry is detailed and gives kitchens a homey, handmade feel as well as a good dose of character. Louvered cabinets tend to have a higher price tag, but they’re made of quality wood and can add an extra function to cabinets needed to hold things like cable boxes.

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Wainscot Cabinets

Is your dream kitchen cozy and warm? Farmhouse decor is one timeless cabinet style trend that adds a homey feel to a kitchen remodel, and wainscot (also known as beadboard) cabinets are the perfect centerpiece for your farmhouse-style kitchen. Wainscot cabinets make kitchens feel bright and clean, especially if the cabinets are a white, yellow or tan color. If you choose wainscot or beadboard cabinets for your kitchen remodel, be aware that the cracks in the door can need extra cleaning.

Distressed Cabinets

If shabby chic is your preferred decor motif, consider distressed cabinets for your kitchen remodel. This antique theme with distressed or worn-looking cabinets can add beautiful detailing to your kitchen remodel.

The distressed look of cabinets usually consists of rubbed-off door corners, an appearance of peeling paint and even hardware the looks rusted or used.

While this cabinet style may sound less luxurious than the other options discussed above, with the right kitchen designer and cabinet manufacturer, distressed cabinets can make any home feel cozy and upscale. Many manufacturers can even do extra distressing to cabinets that don’t have the exact look you want.

Next Steps: Visit the Showroom at Designer Kitchens in Colorado Springs

While pictures are great for pinning down options to consider, they are no substitute to seeing the cabinets in action. At Designer Kitchen’s, we stock our Colorado Springs showroom with fully functional kitchen models so you can feel confident that you are choosing the timeless cabinet style that is right for your kitchen remodel. While you are there, chat with one of our Certified Kitchen Designers, who specialize in helping Southern Colorado homeowners figure out a design theme to fit their personality and needs, as well as their budget. 

We look forward to helping you design the kitchen of your dreams, from cabinets to flooring to appliances. Contact us to schedule an in-home kitchen design consultation with measurements & free 3D rendering. 

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