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Reasons to Replace Kitchen Cabinets Instead of Refacing

We are often asked, "Why replace kitchen cabinets instead of just refacing the existing ones?" Our answer: There are so many good reasons! Her...
Monday, 21 June 2021
Reasons to replace kitchen cabinets Reasons to replace kitchen cabinets

One of the most common discussions we have in our Colorado Springs showroom is whether to replace kitchen cabinets or simply reface the existing cabinets. The answer really depends on several factors, and there’s a lot to think about. 

Both refacing and replacing can improve and modernize the appearance of your kitchen, but the similarities between the two end there. When your current cabinets are out of date, beat up, or less than functional, it’s important to consider all of your options. Here is what you need to know about these options and some reasons to replace kitchen cabinets instead of refacing them. 

What is Refacing vs. Replacing Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinet refacing involves the installation of new doors and fronts. If needed, the cabinet boxes themselves are also veneered, and repairs are made to existing drawers or hinges. The finishing touch to refacing kitchen cabinets is often the replacement of old hardware with new pulls and handles.  

With cabinet replacement, the existing cabinets are completely removed, and new cabinets are installed. Experienced installers precisely set and level your base cabinets and hang your wall cabinets. All doors and hardware are new as well. 

Reasons to Replace Kitchen Cabinets Instead of Refacing

There are arguments to be made for both processes. Some people prefer to reface their kitchen cabinets because they are generally happy with the layout of their kitchen or believe that refacing is the only option available due to a tight budget. But, for many people, refacing just isn’t a suitable option. 

Here are several reasons why it often makes sense to replace kitchen cabinets instead of refacing them:

1. Better Kitchen Layout

If you are not happy with your current kitchen layout, refacing the cabinets will not fix that problem. That approach only changes the look of your cabinets but not the location and functionality. On the other hand, when you replace your cabinets, you can completely redesign your kitchen so it is customized to your wants and needs. Have you always dreamed of an island or a breakfast bar? When you replace instead of refacing, you can make these functional changes.

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2. Sturdier Kitchen Cabinets

The sad truth is that some kitchen cabinets just aren't worth saving. The cabinet boxes are cracked, have water damage, or are crumbling. The hinges might be rusty, and some of the hardware is either missing or nonfunctional. If you’re going to spend more time, money, and effort repairing these issues, it may make more sense to replace your cabinets. 

3. Fix Structural Issues

Beyond having just cabinets that need help, some kitchens have structural issues that require attention. You won’t be able to get to some of these problems while refacing your cabinets, but you can address many issues, like uneven floors, after removing old cabinets and before installing new cabinets.

4. Safer Materials

How much is the health and safety of your loved ones worth?  Older cabinets can be charming, but anything painted before 1978 can be covered with dangerous lead paint. Likewise, cabinets with water damage might create a mold issue in your home, leading to serious health concerns and costly remediation. Replacing your cabinets with new ones can give you peace of mind and increase the lifespan of your kitchen.

Ready to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets in Colorado Springs?

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