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Types of Custom Kitchen Cabinets for New Construction

Designing a kitchen for a new construction home? In this post we discuss 3 of the common types of kitchen cabinets for new construction homes. Learn m...


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Monday, 05 August 2019
Types of Custom Kitchen Cabinets for New Construction Types of Custom Kitchen Cabinets for New Construction

When you’re deciding on custom kitchen cabinets for a new construction home, a Colorado Springs kitchen designer can help put together a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and has a look you want.

From a comfy, rustic country feel to a sleek, modern appearance, when you decide to update your kitchen, you can make it whatever you want it to be.

Kitchen cabinetry is a significant part of outfitting custom kitchen cabinets into a new construction home.

Colorado Springs homeowners often don't want off the shelf cabinets from big box hardware stores. Instead, local homeowners want their new kitchen cabinets built from scratch to the dimensions of the available space in the kitchen.   

When picking the perfect cabinet style for your new construction home, it’s essential to consider what each cabinet style will add and how its look will affect the look of the rest of your custom kitchen.

Victorian-Style Kitch Cabinets

If you love the romantic feel and intricate details of the Old World era, then Victorian cabinets could be the perfect choice for the custom kitchen cabinets ina new construction home.

Victorian style kitchen cabinets tend to have a formal, almost royal appearance. Victorian kitchen cabinets are heavy and dark, and often have finishes and details that resemble the empirical styles of the past.

Kitchens with Victorian-style cabinets feel elegant.  They are elaborate, richly stained, and often have a lot of ornamental moldings on them. Antique designs like crown molding or open shelving are common and the actual design and details tend to follow an Old World trend.

Although the style for most Victorian cabinets doesn’t tend to stray, the materials for these cabinets can vary greatly to fit the look of your kitchen. Everything from copper and brass, to stained glass, to the more natural-looking wood, can be used to construct your beautiful, Victorian cabinets. 

Because other materials in this style of kitchen might include stone countertops or dark wall colors, cabinet materials can set the mood by complementing or contrasting the other materials. The stained glass might soften the kitchen’s look while adding a dark, heavy wood cabinet could do the opposite.

Vintage/Retro Cabinets

While the traditional, plain wood look might be a great choice for custom kitchen cabinets for a new construction home, when you get the chance to remodel your Colorado Springs kitchen, it can be fun to add in unique elements throughout the room. Retro kitchen cabinets are one way to give your new kitchen a fun, vintage feel. 

If you’re seeking to add some nostalgia to your new construction home in Colorado Springs, the kitchen can be a fun place to do it - especially when you consider the appliances and decorations you can use to compliment your retro kitchen cabinets. 

Mid-century, modern styled kitchen cabinets are popular because they fit into today’s modern kitchen but still have a look that says vintage, but not tacky. These cabinets use lines and geometric shapes as a basis for their design and tend to follow a seamless, sleek look. Bright, high gloss paint is typical to add more personality, and sometimes design elements like sharp angles and futuristic styles can give your retro kitchen cabinets a unique-to-you look.

Rustic Cabinets

Although retro cabinets are fun and Victorian cabinets can give a new construction home a high-class feel, sometimes a person just wants their kitchen to feel comfortable and homey. If you’re going for a traditional country kitchen design, rustic cabinets can be a great compliment on your Colorado Springs kitchen remodel. 

A country kitchen tends to focus on functionality and gives the home a family-friendly feel. With the right cabinets and decor, the kitchen can become a beautiful combination of simple comfort and high style.

A key part of choosing the rustic cabinet style is the materials you choose to make them with. Wood is the more traditional choice for rustic kitchen cabinets, but other materials like laminate can also be used to mimic the appearance of wood. Pine can be a great choice because of its natural look and availability but it has to be properly cared for.

Other popular choices of wood are oak and maple, because of their sturdiness and nice appearance. The fun part about having your kitchen design contractor choose a simpler wood for your rustic cabinets is to pick out fun handles and knobs for the drawers and doors. Using unique porcelain knobs or creating custom handles can dress up what is a simple, cookie-cutter style cabinet and can help you to personalize your shabby chic kitchen space.

Classic Cabinets

If you’ve consulted with your kitchen design contractor and you’re still not sure which cabinet style will work best for your home, choosing a classic cabinet option will leave room for you to be versatile in the design and decor of your kitchen.

Classic kitchen cabinets tend to be minimalistic with little to no adornments or intricate details. By having a no-frills cabinet, it’s easy to remodel the rest of the kitchen because you don’t have to make sure everything matches a specific cabinet type. The beauty of classic cabinets is you can make them match whatever the style of the day might be, and if you choose to redecorate in a few years, you won’t have to work around a specific cabinet type.

The materials to make classic kitchen cabinets are usually wood since it tends to be the most traditional. Colors stay neutral with white, beige or wood, but you can always paint over them later on if need be. The hardware is one way you can make classic cabinets your own. Get creative with the knobs and handles by choosing the look you want. Hardware is a great way to switch things up because it’s easy to switch out the different types of handles you want to use.

Think about the future when picking your new construction cabinets!

Whatever style you choose for your Colorado Springs kitchen remodel, one important thing to remember is the benefits you’ll get from choosing well-designed cabinets. One of the biggest advantages of a kitchen remodel is improving the resale value of the home, and picking out cabinets that are stylish and beautifully designed, no matter the theme, will help you to increase the value of the house.

It’s always a good idea to consult a kitchen design contractor to get a better idea of what is available to you and what will be best for yourself, your family and your home in the long run. Choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen remodel can be one of the greatest parts of designing your cooking and eating space, so have fun with it.

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