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Choosing Kitchen Cabinets in Colorado Springs: Timeless Trends and Styles to Avoid

Learn about the trends for kitchen cabinets in Colorado Springs. Read trends, timeless styles and some things to avoid when choosing kitchen cabinets.


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Monday, 08 April 2019
Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in Colorado Springs in 2018 Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in Colorado Springs in 2018

Finding a local cabinet maker for those perfect kitchen cabinets in Colorado Springs for your home can be tough. That’s because there are so many colors, styles, and designs available on the modern market.

With kitchen décor choices and trends changing at such a fast rate, many homeowners are choosing to opt for more timeless kitchen cabinet styles when searching for "kitchen remodeling companies near me". By doing their research, they’re ensuring that they can create a kitchen that will be functional and in style for years to come.

Popular Kitchen Cabinets in Colorado Springs in 2018

The keyword that best describes the trend for kitchen cabinets in Colorado Springs for 2018 is "options."  Choosing the right accessories and cabinet materials to match your unique taste and style can be a dizzying experience, especially since a kitchen remodel is often a major household investment.

Classic wood kitchen cabinets

For a while, the IKEA-esque cabinets were a staple in Colorado Springs kitchen remodels and new homes. Although they are visually appealing, there’s nothing quite like classic kitchen cabinets made of high-quality wood. Not only are wooden cabinets durable, but they show a dedication to the finer things in life while maintaining a relaxing feel.

In 2018 and beyond, we’ll see plenty of homeowners choosing to upgrade their cabinets to custom made kitchen cabinets made of oak. Oak is a versatile wood, balancing out both light or dark kitchen color schemes and aligning with a variety of kitchen décor styles.

Open-concept kitchen cabinets

More Colorado Springs homeowners are looking to create gathering-friendly kitchen spaces that are both inviting and functional. Open-concept kitchen cabinets and counter space can not only make your kitchen easier to navigate, but also fresh and inviting.

Open-concept layouts can include large kitchen islands and cut-out walls with cabinet space underneath.  These are popular trends because openness encourages chatting with others in nearby rooms.

Clean and white kitchen cabinets and décor

With the minimalist home décor trend on the rise in Colorado, the clean, crisp look of white cabinets have made their way into many homes in Colorado Springs and beyond.

White kitchen cabinets bring a breath of fresh air to a busy kitchen space, and when accented by natural light, the aesthetic is both visually and psychologically appealing.

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Various shades of brown oak have dominated kitchen cabinets in Colorado Springs for years.   However, certain trends are surfacing with the most prominent being a clean, white kitchen.

Time and time again, homeowners return to classic white cabinetry to breathe life back into their outdated kitchen. For people who would rather stay away from white cabinetry, classic wood is also a timeless kitchen cabinetry trend. The types of wood materials that people choose vary as time moves, but white oak is considered a timeless kitchen cabinet trend.

What Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Avoid

Some styles of kitchen cabinets in Colorado Springs are better left in the past. Not only are these outdated trends not appealing visually, but they are not as functional as modern design standards demand.

Don’t hide away your small appliances in hidden cupboards, as this can create a bulky or heavy look in your kitchen. Instead, keep the appliances that you use on a regular basis on the counter and plan large drawers in your custom-made kitchen cabinetry to hide larger (but frequently used) appliances.

Double-sinks are also becoming a faux-pas in kitchens around Colorado Springs, with homeowners instead opting for large stainless steel sinks for maximum durability and a clean appearance.

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinets for You?

The types of kitchen cabinets that are right for your Colorado Springs home are unique to your style, preferences, and functional needs. Homeowners who need to do lots of cooking in a small space may opt for kitchen cabinets without doors, while those seeking a classic kitchen décor may choose a custom-made white kitchen cabinet installation.

As kitchen cabinets with glass doors are also coming back into style, it’s important to choose a glass cabinet door that matches your overall kitchen aesthetic.

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