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Custom Kitchen Cabinets vs. Stock Cabinets

Not sure if custom kitchen cabinets are right for your Colorado Springs kitchen? They can be as affordable and even nicer than stock cabinets.


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Monday, 12 November 2018

Should I get custom kitchen cabinets or stock cabinets?

Custom kitchen cabinets are made to fit your style. A professional cabinet designer helps the customer to craft cabinets that fit your kitchen. They’re flexible, completely personalized and often are of higher quality. A stock cabinet is already pre-designed and is sold as is. It’s a faster solution for a quick kitchen redesign as they’re sold without customization and are ready to order.

Pros of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are designed to fit whatever space you want and can use any materials to match the rest of the kitchen or area. Along with a Colorado Springs custom kitchen cabinet designer, you can create beautiful storage space to make your dream kitchen a reality.

If you have a theme for your kitchen redesign but you aren’t positive what to do about cabinetry, a kitchen cabinet designer can give you inspiration to figure out what’s best for you. Using a professional’s opinion will help you to give thought to all aspects of the cabinet rather than just the look of it.

You don’t have to settle. If there’s a stock cabinet that has all the features you want except for one or two, you can always custom design a look based off of that cabinet to create to check off all of your “want” boxes! Instead of settling for something that’s just OK you can design something you love that’s perfect.

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A custom kitchen cabinet means you will utilize any space available. If there are unique dimensions or odd shapes of space in your kitchen, a designer can help you to make a cabinet to fit that space rather than letting it go unused. It can mean a more functional kitchen space!

When you’re creating a kitchen that you want to be your dream kitchen, much of that includes having a space with high quality materials. By choosing to use custom cabinets, you can use any material you think up! A stock cabinet may only be available in plywood, but you can create something similar in oak or metal, and use hardware that’s decorated as you’d like it to be!

Pros of Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets are mass-produced making them readily available with just a quick order. This option doesn’t leave you with a fully customized kitchen, however it gets the job done and can save time and money.

A stock kitchen cabinet is low-cost. It is made of plywood and has coats of veneer to look fresh. This is great for someone who knows this isn’t going to be a permanent solution.

For do it yourselfers, stock kitchen cabinets make it easy to install in a standard kitchen. They come in standard sizes making them simple to add to your home.

If you’re planning on using stock cabinets temporarily or in a home you may be renting, meaning the cabinets could easily be damaged or ruined, stock cabinets make replacement easy. Just call the vendor you previously used and order another cabinet like the ones you have installed - just be sure to make a file that has the exact information from your first order!

Although stock cabinets aren’t completely customized, you’re still able to pick from a variety of colors and materials to get a look you want. If you love a certain cabinet but want it in a specific color, it’s easy to call the manufacturer to see what is available.

Cons of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets make creating your dream kitchen possible, however they do come with some drawbacks. Choosing to use custom cabinets can make a kitchen remodel more complicated.

Custom kitchen cabinets are mostly beneficial if you plan on living in your home after the remodel. If you’re remodeling in order to put the house on the market, it could be a waste of money and time! They represent personal style so potential customers may not be as enticed by them as you are.

They take patience! Custom cabinets aren’t as simple as looking through a catalog and picking. First they have to be designed, then custom manufactured, then ordered and then installed. It can take weeks to get them in which can cause problems if you’re on a strict timeline.

Cons of Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets may seem like the simple, quick and affordable option, but it still comes with a price. Choosing a stock cabinet could mean sacrificing personal style and space.

Although stock kitchen cabinets aren’t made custom, it is still possible to have to wait for them after ordering. They still have to be manufactured and sometimes can be on back-order.

Stock kitchen cabinets may not last as long as custom cabinets. Often times the materials aren’t as high of quality, meaning they can show signs of wear and tear much sooner than custom cabinets.

If your kitchen has a strange layout it could be difficult to find stock cabinets that fit. This could also mean that space in the kitchen will go unutilized.

The options for the size or style of cabinet you want could be limited. This could mean a stock cabinet that works for you may take longer to order than originally planned if the style you want isn’t in the right size or color, and so on.

The benefits of getting custom kitchen cabinets in Colorado Springs versus stock cabinets all depends on the wants and needs of the homeowner and the design of the kitchen. Overall, the goal is to find what works best for your budget, style, space and organization needs, and timeline. A Colorado kitchen cabinet designer or retailer can help you decide what is best for you, so be sure to consult with a professional before making an uneducated decision.

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