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Buying Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets is Easier Than You Think

Buying custom built kitchen cabinets is easier than you think. Learn how Designer Kitchens makes this possible for Southern Colorado homeowners.
Monday, 18 July 2022

One of the common misconceptions homeowners have about their kitchen remodel is that custom built kitchen cabinets are out of their reach. This is because most Colorado Springs homeowners are unaware of just how easy it can be to buy kitchen cabinets that are custom cut and assembled to the exact measurements for their space.

Why should you consider custom built kitchen cabinets over stock cabinets, and how can Designer Kitchens help make your remodel dreams come true? Keep reading to find out more.

Custom-Built Kitchen Cabinets Guarantee A Perfect Fit

The best thing about custom built kitchen cabinets is that they are a guaranteed perfect fit for your kitchen remodel. They are cut to the precise dimensions determined by your design team to maximize space and storage options. Imagine, every inch of your kitchen is usable! 

A perfect fit is a benefit of custom cabinets that stock cabinets from your local big box store just cannot compete with. 

How Designer Kitchens Makes Buying Custom-Built Kitchen Cabinets Easy

At Designer Kitchens, we know that a kitchen remodel is a major project that can result in major stress for homeowners. That is why we do everything in our power to make the process and smooth and painless as possible. How?

In-Home Consultation 

When you start a home improvement project, it can seem like the number of errands on your to-do list will never end, causing high-stress levels.  

To make things easier for our clients, our team comes to your home for the first consultation. During our visit, we'll review the layout of your existing cabinetry, discuss your goals, and review any renovation plans that go beyond the installation of new cabinets.

This first visit gives us a chance to learn more about your family’s lifestyle. By getting to know your family and your goals first, we can design a custom built kitchen cabinet layout to fit your specific needs.  

3D Rendering Lets You Envision The Finished Project Before You Even Begin

Compared to the new homes being built around Colorado Springs, most older houses in Fountain, Monument, and the West End of Colorado Springs have painfully compact kitchen layouts. Because of the limited space, designing a renovation blueprint can be challenging. 

But when you work with Designer Kitchens, you can see how your blueprints will translate to reality before the materials have even been purchased. For each project we participate in, our team creates detailed 3D images to show you precisely what your kitchen will look like after it’s finished. As a result, you can identify (and correct) problems with the design before it’s ever built. How easy is that?

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End-to-End Kitchen Remodel Services

If you’re renovating your entire kitchen, let us know! The team at Designer Kitchens in Colorado Springs is staffed by three experienced Certified Kitchen Designers who can help you navigate all the challenges of kitchen remodels, from flooring to appliance selections. 

Partnerships with Reputable Contractors

One of the biggest challenges of any home improvement project is finding trustworthy contractors for installation. To make these projects easier for our clients, Designer Kitchens has established partnerships with a number of reputable contractors throughout Colorado Springs, making it easy for you to hire experienced local professionals to bring your kitchen design to life. 

Perfect Cuts Every Time

Inaccurate wood-cuts are the enemies of beautiful cabinetry. Because all of our kitchen cabinets are made with top-of-the-line computerized saws, even the most intricate designs come out perfect every time. 

Buying High Quality, Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets Is Easier Than You Think

Thanks to Designer Kitchens, choosing custom built kitchen cabinets that perfectly fit the style of your Colorado Springs home is much easier (and affordable) than you ever imagined! Whether you’re renovating your entire cooking area or just need extra storage space, our team’s experience with interior design in Colorado makes it that much easier to plan and visualize the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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