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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Colorado Springs

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Trending Designs for Colorado Springs Kitchen Cabinets

What are the Trending Designs for Colorado Springs Kitchen Cabinets This Year?

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen cabinets? As the center of your home, it only makes sense to spend a little extra time going over the details for your kitchen space – including cabinet design. 

But because the Front Range is home to unique décor and culture, it can be hard to find information on Colorado Springs kitchen cabinet designs. Thankfully, we’ve done our research on the latest home and cabinet trends in the Rocky Mountain state. 

Pick your favorite 2017 cabinet designs from the trending styles below:

Popular Cabinet Colors:

The shades you decide to use in a kitchen will add character to your cooking area; although there are hundreds of color schemes to choose from, the two that we expect to be popular in Southern Colorado throughout 2017 include: 

Shades of Grey  

Grey cabinets are a popular choice in 2017 kitchens, with the most in-demand shades ranging from deep charcoal to light grey. If you need a second color to add to your cabinetry, brown, yellow, and blue all match extremely well. 

The Return of Black & White

Black and white is a classic color combination that (up until recently) lost its spot in the limelight. In 2017, however, it’s likely that many homeowners upgrading their Colorado Springs kitchen cabinets will embrace the simple sophistication of this classic two-toned color scheme. 


Even in slower-paced towns like Colorado Springs, people are constantly pressed for time. As a result, “functional” cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular in remodels and new home builds alike. 

If you’re not familiar with the term, a functional cabinet is a blend between traditional cabinetry and modern technology. Many home builders throughout the Front Range (such as Saint Aubyn and Journey) are already building functional cabinetry into their models by adding cell phone charging stations to countertop drawers and cabinet undersides.  

Rustic Cabinetry 

The “mountain rustic” kitchen theme is one of the most popular (and long standing) design trends in Colorado. Consequentially, rustic cabinetry with stained wood finishes will continue to be a popular theme throughout 2017. Unlike previous years, however, dark colored stains (ranging from grey to hazelnut) will be particularly popular due to their ability to match other traditionally rustic colors like iron and beige. 

Metallic Touches

Mixed metals are a nation-wide trend that will continue into 2017, but that doesn’t mean you have to add new stainless steel appliances to your kitchen! Instead, add small metallic touches to your cabinetry with unique accent pieces like copper knobs to your cabinet doors. 

The 2017 designs that inspire Colorado Springs kitchen cabinets will be a mix of classic and contemporary themes. Traditional looks (like black and white color schemes and rustic mountain themes) will be in high demand, while contemporary styles (like metallic features and tech-savvy cabinets)  balance out the classic trends that are re-emerging this year. 

If you’re planning on upgrading the kitchen cabinetry in your home, explore more design ideas with our team by calling (719) 228-2800. 

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