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Remodeling your Colorado Springs kitchen? Here are 5 Advantages of Semi-custom Kitchen Cabinets

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer the value and speed of production of stock cabinets and the flexibility and quality of custom cabinets. Learn more.


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Monday, 11 March 2019
Semi-custom kitchen cabinets semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer the best of stock and custom-made cabinets have value of stock cabinets and the quality of custom cabinets. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer the best of stock and custom-made cabinets have value of stock cabinets and the quality of custom cabinets.


The 3 types of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in three basic types: stock, semi-custom, and custom. Here is a quick description of each to set the stage for the rest of the article.

Stock kitchen cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets are readymade, meaning they’re in stock and ready to ship when you make your purchase. You can find stock kitchen cabinets at any big box store in Colorado Springs.

If you’re in a time crunch and/or don’t need custom dimensions, then stock cabinets are a good way to go. You go to the big box store, meet with their in-house sales team, pick your cabinets from their available options, order and in a few weeks, the cabinets arrive at your door.

The Colorado Springs big box stores don’t offer a wide range of manufactures.  This limits your options for dimensions, materials, hardware, and other cabinet accessories.

Stock kitchen cabinets come in standard sizes that don’t allow for alterations to the manufactures pre-set dimensions. Standard widths start at 9 inches and increase in 3-inch increments up to 48 inches and standard depth are 12 inches for wall cabinets and 24 inches for oven, base and utility cabinets.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are built from scratch to your exact measurements. These kitchen cabinets are built in high-tech, computerized cabinet manufacturing plants.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets give individual style with the affordability that most homeowners want. Unlike stock kitchen cabinets, semi-custom kitchen cabinets have a wide range of options of styles and finishes and dimensions.

Custom kitchen cabinets in Colorado Springs

Local craftsmen build custom kitchen cabinets to your exact specifications of color, size, style, etc. Custom cabinets are the ultimate solution for getting your dream kitchen with everything exactly the way you want.

But as you might imagine, custom cabinets hand built in Colorado are the most expensive of the three types of kitchen cabinets.  If money is no object the custom cabinets are a natural choice.

Custom cabinets can take months to build and install in your kitchen.

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5 advantages of semi-custom kitchen cabinets

Designer Kitchens of Colorado Springs offers semi-custom kitchen cabinets.  We love the flexibility and high-quality of semi-custom cabinets.  Here are 5 key advantages of semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

Precision kitchen cabinet manufacturing

We buy our semi-custom kitchen cabinets from trusted high-tech manufacturing facilities where every aspect of the cabinet cutting and construction is in a computer-controlled environment. The cuts to the wood are extremely precise.  The cabinet finishes have ample time to dry to stand up to humidity and use in your kitchen. In a matter of weeks, your semi-custom kitchen cabinets are ready for install.

Free 3D design rendering of your kitchen cabinets and layout

The process of ordering semi-custom kitchen cabinets in the Colorado Springs begins with a professional interior designer measuring your kitchen space.  The designer then sits with you in your kitchen and you work together as a team to specify each cabinet and appliance in the kitchen. Then in a week, the designer provides you a free 3D rendering of your new kitchen.  

You specify every aspect of each semi-custom kitchen cabinet

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets don’t sacrifice your unique style. Once you’ve approved your 3D kitchen design rendering, you visit our Colorado Springs kitchen design showroom to pick from our wide selection of wood, door styles, drawer faces, finishes, hardware, colors, and styles. Many stains, paints, glazes and even distressing are available in semi-custom kitchen cabinets. We have a huge variety of hardware on display so you get exactly what you want.

Huge variety of kitchen cabinet options

The options available in semi-custom cabinets reflect current design trends.  You get the feel of upgraded extras. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are available with soft-close hinges, roll out shelves, door racks and organization inserts, and drawers that fully extend. The cabinets can have crown molding, cabinet legs, and feet.

Less expensive than you might think

You might think this flexibility and quality means a high price, but we have found that we can often match the price of the Colorado Springs big box stores stock cabinets when all is said and done.  If you are on a tight budget, you can save money by choosing less expensive wood and hardware.  For bigger budgets, you can have the luxurious kitchen of your dreams by upgrading on wood, hardware, and other unique stylings.  

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are the best of both worlds

In summary, semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer the best of stock and custom-made cabinets.   You get the value and speed of production of stock cabinets and the flexibility and quality of custom cabinets.

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