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7 New Kitchen Appliances You Need in Your Kitchen

The majority of homes in Colorado Springs have outdated kitchen designs. Learn how to bring a modern flair to your cooking area with these 7 must-have...

Whether you’re planning an upcoming remodel or are simply daydreaming about the modern kitchen you’ve always wanted, take a look at these upgrades you’ll be dying to add to your plans.  

1. French Door Ovens

Ovens are essential for making all of the year’s delicious meals, and French doors are globally recognized as one of the most beautiful features in residential design. Thanks to the “French door oven,” these two household items come together in the perfect mix of utility and style.

2. Automated Lighting 

LED lights are still popular in Colorado Springs, but automated lighting is a growing trend that simply can’t be ignored. Also known as “smart lighting,” this new technology features innovations like LED bulbs equipped with Bluetooth, voice controlled fans, and more!

3. Bluetooth Ovens  

Bluetooth ovens may not be a nation-wide trend yet, but they will be a must-have item in the very near future. After GE released their (semi-pricey) Bluetooth oven range in 2015, dozens of other models were released by their competitors, making it possible for the average homeowners to afford to place one of these handy appliances in their own home.

4. Electric Mug Warmers 

In Colorado, coffee is the best when the weather is bleak. Sometimes, however, the chill of the cool air can make a warm drink go cold before the last few gulps are drained from the cup. Electric mug warmers are affordable, plug-in gadgets that act as a heating pad for your coffee. With one of these in your home, you’ll never have to make multiple trips to the microwave again!

5. Smart Refrigerators 

Smart appliances are a major trend for 2017 and the future of kitchen design as well. Today, there are dozens of smart refrigerator models on the market (including affordable options like the Samsung RF22K9581RS/AA), which are equipped with everything from LED-lit drawers to built in cameras that help you check your fridge’s inventory - from your cell phone! 

6. USB Charging Ports are Everywhere 

Being able to charge your cell phone from a kitchen drawer or cabinet shelf comes in handy when researching a new recipe or chatting on the phone while preparing dinner. Today, you can install a USB charging port just about anywhere you want, including drawers, countertops, and cabinets.  

7. One Touch Faucets 

Ah, cooking. Good ingredients, delicious smells, and…messes! 

Thankfully, one-touch faucets offer a viable solution to cooks who have found themselves with a big mess on their hands - literally. These faucets allow homeowners to turn their faucet on and off without gripping a knob, and can be purchased from home supply stores (like Home Depot) for a few hundred dollars. 

Thanks to rapid innovations in household technology, creating the kitchen of your dreams is now much easier than ever before. Homeowners who aren’t interested in high-tech appliances like smart refrigerators and automated lighting will still find excitement in other trending upgrades (like one-touch faucets) that improve the appearance of your kitchen while simultaneously improving your quality of life. 

If you’re considering upgrading or remodeling your kitchen, contact an experienced Colorado Springs kitchen designer.

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