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Picking the Perfect Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen design companies have experts who can help you make the perfect appliance purchases for yourself and your family.

What appliances will you keep?

First things first - you have to figure out which appliances will stay and which ones should get the boot. Even if something is still working, that doesn’t necessarily mean it should stick around.

Take into consideration how old the existing appliances are. Did you upgrade them recently, or are they older than you? If they are old, has the wear and tear been causing problems? It’s OK to keep appliances you already own and it is a way to cut down on extra costs, however if some appliances are going to bite the dust soon, it’s better to replace them now while you have an expert’s help and flexibility in the design of your kitchen, rather than figure it out on your own in the future and be confined to the spaces that exist after the remodel.

Some appliances may not be old or worn out, but you hate them. Why keep that shiny refrigerator if it doesn’t have the freezer space you need. You never use the extra oven you have, even at holidays, so what’s the point in making room for it in your kitchen if it has no purpose at all? Any items that are no longer functional for the family should be sold or given away. If an appliance is new but it drives you nuts, figure out what it is that you dislike and use that to help you determine what features you don’t want when you’re appliance shopping.

What appliances should you buy new?

Once you’ve determined what you’re keeping and what you’re getting rid of, it’s likely that you’ll have to make some appliance purchases. Whether it’s an oven, microwave or dishwasher, there are still a few things to think about when making your brand new purchase.

When it comes to cooktops or ovens, you’ll first have to decide if you want a stove and oven combo or standalones of each. After that you’ll have to choose between gas, electric or induction.

With refrigerators and freezers, it’s much like your oven decision - you’ll have to decide if you want standalones or a combo. If a combo would work best for you and your family, there are both french door models as well as combos with the fridge on top and freezer drawers on the bottom. Depending on how much food your family needs, two separate models could be the best solution.

When it comes to picking out a microwave, there are less options. Your main concern will be if it is going to sit on the counter, be built into the cabinetry or if it will be above the stove. If you want a larger microwave, it will make more sense to plan it to be in the cabinetry or above the cooktop so it doesn’t take up as much room on the counters.

With all of your appliances, try to choose the same finishes. Stainless steel is always a classic look, but it’s also possible to get your appliances custom finished with wood paneling. You can also always go with a simple white or black finish.

Special appliance purchases to consider

After you’ve figured out which regular appliances you need, you can decide if there are any special appliance purchases you’ll have to make. Remember, this is your dream kitchen, so you should go for whatever appliances you’ve always wanted. If you love wine, a special wine refrigerator could be perfect. If you entertain often, purchasing warming drawers could be the perfect appliance to treat yourself to. Whatever it is that will make you happy and your life more convenient, that is what makes an appliance purchase worth it.

Your kitchen remodel in Colorado Springs is made up of many components and although the actual build out is important, the appliances shouldn’t be forgotten. Kitchen design companies should have experts who can help you to make the perfect appliance purchases for yourself and your family. Do your research, but use the experts who are available to make informed decisions.

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