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Appliances Make a Difference in Your Kitchen Remodel

No kitchen remodel is complete without updated appliances. Learn why the right kitchen appliances make a big difference in how satisfied you are with...

Why Do New Appliances Increase Satisfaction with Kitchen Remodels in Colorado Springs?

Appliances are a Key Part of Kitchen Functionality 

Although they often go unnoticed, high-quality appliances are a key to a fully functional kitchen. Without the right equipment, everyday tasks like cooking, washing dishes and storing food becomes more of a challenge than it should be.

Appliances Directly Impact a Home’s Energy Efficiency 

One of the primary reasons homeowners decide to start a kitchen remodel in Colorado Springs is to increase the energy-efficiency of their home

Because appliances are one of the biggest contributors to energy bills, replacing outdated appliances with eco-friendly alternatives is essential. In fact, older refrigerator units can actually cost homeowners up to $16.50 per months as opposed to energy efficient alternatives, which can cost anywhere from $.85 - $6.60 per month. 

We recommend taking some time to consider how much energy is being wasted on the outdated kitchen appliances in your home. To do this, use this energy savings calculator to discover how much you could save monthly by installing a set of high-quality energy efficient alternatives.

Spruce up your Kitchen’s Look

No matter how much time or money you spend updating the rest of your kitchen, it’s impossible to create a finished look without replacing your appliances. 

To create a seamlessly “new” look in your kitchen, swap major appliances like the oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

Improved Functionality 

Like all things, appliances start to wear out as they age. Over time, small functional issues in your appliances can make it harder to complete every-day tasks. Because so many Colorado Springs residents already juggle between busy work and home schedules, there simply isn’t time to battle with outdated appliances that have stopped working properly. 

By replacing your old appliances with new, high-quality alternatives, you can improve the ergonomics of your kitchen and make it easier to cook and clean without disruption. 

Peace of Mind

When you have a kitchen full of older appliances, there’s always a chance that something could break or malfunction without notice. If crucial parts of your kitchen (like refrigerators and ovens) stop working unexpectedly, the time and money it takes to fix the issue can quickly put a damper on your day. 

By installing new appliances, you can increase your peace of mind by eliminating the worry of coming home to a damaged or malfunctioning appliance. 

As a key part of your home’s functionality and energy-efficiency, kitchen appliances should always be replaced during a remodel. Not only do updated appliances improve the performance of your kitchen as a whole, they also put the finishing touches on your new interior design. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen this year, we recommend including new appliances in your renovation plans.

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